Orcs (Uyghur)

<meta />The orcs were once mighty, a great horde of warriors that rode across the world bringing cleansing fire and enlightening chains. They ruled their ever expanding realm for centuries. Their civilization produced not only great warriors but also great poets and philosophers and rulers. The young and the brash were sent to subjugate the land over the next hill while the old and wise made concrete from the ashes and broken stones with which they would build an everlasting empire.

Then, the uyghur met the Vastlund Empire and all came to ruin. The orcs were strong and relentless and honed by centuries of war. But they could not stand against the cruelty, treachery and viciousness of the humans. Khans turned against one another for the promise of Vastlund steel ot gold. Whole tribes were decimated by disease introduced by the humans. Human mail and lance proved too much for orc leather and spear. In cruel irony not lost on the orcs, it was they now placed in chains. Unlike uyghur slaves who became beloved property (akin to pets) the slaves of the humans were simply property. Thousands upon thousands of orcs were captured and sent off to the far corners of the Vastlund Empire to labor until they died.

Orcs in Maroester are the descendants of slaves. Even before the Empire abandoned the island there had been talk of converting slavery to indenture. When Margrave Emrys Wellard opened his bid to become King of Maroester after the Empire left, he did so by offering orcs their freedom. It was a shocking move that divided the country but it also gave him a huge army indebted to him. After he succeeded in claiming the throne, he gave those orcs that had supported him their own lands. Decades later when Zaskettr came and shattered Maroester society, most of the orcs that had remained bound in servitude for debts or crimes took the opportunity to escape into these orcish lands.

Unfortunately, the land King Wellard granted the orcs was already claimed by the hill dwarf people. Ever since, the two have been at war over scarce farmland amid the stony hills.

Some orcs remain in human lands, either out of choice or in servitude. Some marches have reinstituted orcish slavery since the destruction of the King. Orcs are generally looked upon as ignorant brutes only good for labor and not to be trusted otherwise. They follow a perversion of the Imperial Church that is just this side of heresy but in fact hides their own myths and traditions among the saints and psalms.

Naming Note: Mongolian is used as the base for orcish language. Use that for inspiration in names.

Orcs (Uyghur)

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