Kozhakhi Tribesfolk

Kohzakhi Tribesfolk

The Kohzakhi People were a small tribe of refugees whom the empire let flee to Maroester several hundred years ago. In the centuries since, the tribe expanded and set up a series of villages along the snow line of the {NAME HERE} mountain range. Their culture is peculiar; though they follow the same basic religious views as most humans (the imperial faith), they have different ways of celebrating virtues and punishing sins.


The Kohzakhi are known for three things: great pride in their tribal alchemy skills; men who sport dark, curly beards and hair; and the well-loved and peculiarly strong liquor they distill from root vegetables. They also seem to have a cultural love of large, ornate hats that crosses the gender lines. Wise adventurers who visit the Kohzakhi villages should remember three things: never question the efficacy of alchemy (without good reason), never insult a man's mother or cut his beard, and never ever challenge them to a drinking contest. 


Besides alchemy, the Kohzahki herd mountain goats and sheep, and tend to ride shaggy rams. Their crops are root vegetables and cabbages. They keep long-haired sheepdogs and their native cuisine involves lots of root vegetables, cream products, and pickles. 


The Kohzahki have enjoyed a form of loose independence in Maroester, as their villages are remote and they don't try to exert their influence farther than the mountains. They keep the passes clear of bandits and, in lieu of taxes, provided cheap potions to the empire, then the kingdom, and now, with no central authority, they sell their potions on the open market. There have been attempts to convert them from their branch faith to the main church, but almost all missionaries have returned as haunted, faithless drunkards, or stayed on in the village. The few military attempts failed miserably, as the villages aren't just fortified mountain strongholds, but defended by traps and alchemy. 


There are rare, strange inventors with a talent for long range weaponry among the Kohzakhi: the gunsmiths. Even rarer are the gunsmiths willing to leave the villages to travel around Maroester, so guns, or <u>thunder cannons</u> as they are commonly called, are almost impossible to recognize as a weapon until they are fired. 


The Kohzahki get along well with dwarves and gnomes, but struggle often enough with Fey incursions. They hate elves (changelings) and curse them as dybbuks, preferring to dismember them alive and then burn the parts.

References for Player Characters:

  • D&D 5e Artificers: https://media.wizards.com/2016/dnd/downloads/1_UA_Artificer_20170109.pdf

    • Artificers are about 95% Alchemists and 5% Gunsmiths. 
    • Artificer mechanical servants used by the Kozhakhi are usually mechanical rams, that use the Rhinoceros template. They also construct flying Giant Eagles.
    • At the GM's discretion, any mechanical servant may be converted into a dinosaur. 
  • Suggested name list for tribesfolk: http://www.fantasynamegenerators.com/russian_names.php

    • Please note: Kozhakhi names are 3 parts: Lineal Surname, Individual Name, and Family Surname. Lineal surnames follow the males and females of a family branch. For example <u>Ivan Serge Kalychnikov</u> would be known as Serge, because his father and all of his brothers would also be named Ivan. Similarly, <u>Alianna Natasha Romanovski</u> would be called Natasha, because her mother and all her sisters would be named Alianna as well. 
  • Kohzakhi are normal humans and use the basic human race bonuses. 
  • Artificers are not generally availabe as PCs, so seek GM permission before playing. 

Kozhakhi Tribesfolk

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