Molten Throne


On the way to the Capital….
On your way back to the city you come across a swath of road, far from anywhere, that is blasted by fire for one hundred yards or more. Shrub and trees reduced to cinders, stones cracked by heat and earth baked into nearly glass.
When you get back you discover that neither Dray nor Okanox ever made it back.
Investigation: "The living mountain of fire came and ate two scaled twolegs. " OUCH!!!!

Entered the Capital: went to Visit Dupre. Gave a report. Dupre has ordered Dray named a Traitor – AND ordered the MarchGuard to find him and take to the Capital for Trial.
Ander Uuthraki was in the chamber – Arno tells us he's trying to influence the Court to get some control over the Guard.
Arno summoned Kallista: "Which you can't…" M.A. wants to be sure decisions are best for the March – and not benefit any one group. Tested Kallista on info for the Adamantite – and the Primordial Ruin. Kallista asked for assistance with both finding Dray and guarding the Primordial Ruin – with both issues she agreed. And Attacking the Dragon is not a good idea right now.
Pirate Queen Madam Mertal the Black is operating out the West of the Islands – appears to have no issus with the Fey. Hitting GreenMarch and SouthMarch to weaken those Marchs – to help their King wannabe. Options Options Options…

Used divination to determien which boat will be attacked and where… we sailed out and… RANDOM ENCOUNTER: Sea Hag, 6X Merrow, and a Water Elemental… Yeah!!!!



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