Roland Redgate

A Sellsword who is quick with his wit and quicker with his blade.


6’ tall
dark brown hair and brown eyes
small chin strip of a goatee
tan skin
clad in black leather armor
has a well used but masterfully crafted rapier and short sword at his hips. On the back of his belt is a coiled, wicked whip with a marred handle.

“There’s no such thing as fair in a fight to the death!”


He fights against tyranny and the old ways of the Empire. His mercenary past taught him that those who control their own destinies triumph.

His youth found him mostly alone because he had not been raised by his mother and his father was a drunken lout and died when he was just 14. He did what he could to survive and was a sneaky dirty fighter. He eventually became associated with some local gangs and eventually a mercenary.

Now that his service has ended he seeks to free those that are still enslaved on the island.

He owns a whip he got as a “trophy” from one of the more brutal slavers he defeated and he uses it against tyrannical opponents or those who think themselves better than others. There is an old symbol on it that he has marred and carved to look like blatant desecration rather than just a simple “scraping away”.

Roland Redgate

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