Molten Throne


Elmore Prater the Elder; Elmore Prater the Junior; (Solomn Bailey – Squire to Prater the Younger; Dunkin Porter – leader of the packhorses, and Sir Troke. Fah, Kallista, Umber, Dray, Nud, Reuben, Klog.
4 day road trip to Edendale – will pass Wihola – to the Prater Keep. Minor Baronette.
Day 1: Unevenful. Spent time in Waihola. Prater opens up a bit. He's a bit squirrely. Prater the Younger – early 20's – stresses of Command are having an effect. Squire is much better – more stoic. Dunkin Porter is superstitious (entirely sincere in his beliefs) and they have a bit of a magical effect. Prater: Baronette's land on the boarder of South March and Green March. Land was subject to raids. Fey are the devil – no matter what they say. Kallista and Fah check-in to the Library and the fight club and the Urchins.
Day 2: Exit Wiahola – and we escape densly populated areas. We see NON-Margrave patrols on the road (wearing sigals of local land holders).
Day 3: Continue to move about. Nothing Major.
Day 4: Riverton (Overbrook Tavern). Beginnings of the Lands of the Praters. Owner – Winnie Prat. Husband died from a Horse Kick. Finest Dinner in 4 days – offered. Sir Troke – looking around – looks worried something is missing.
OverBrook Tavern: Winne Prat has a table for 8 set – (Elmore, Winnie, and Sir Troke – meaning full look – RANGERS MISSING???). Rangers patrol the boarders – have not come home in the last 2 days. Camp is a few miles up river. Will need to check it out. (8 rangers – led by Ellis Brandt). Kallisa uses the Cards – all cards turn up as Wolves – and a Queen card – - – WARGS!!!!
Day 5: Travel up River. As we're getting close to the Camp – Ian opens the map – and roll Iniatiave.
Nudds dog is the MAN!!!!
2 White Wolves and 6 Wargs. Yeah…



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