Molten Throne


Enter Town (Duncolmbe): would prefer to handle the matter internally. With your leave, of course. He graciously offers to take the burden of the wretched off your hands.
Inquisitor Bishop Maurice Redgate attempted to get us to turn over the Cardinal Treault to the religious court and not to Margrave's court. We declined.
Mind poking – we found the words "Abby of Sins Exposed" in the Cardinal's Mind.
25 Guards take the Cardinal Treault to the dungeons.
25 remaining Guards take us the sub keep of the palace – to rest and dress for the occasion.
Anzu – Dirty Blonde haired guard – suggestive talking and knowing glances – determined that he's updating the Cardinal on events. Guard is part of the Cult – and that the cult is deep and wide.
Reuben – talks to the court before we go there. Face time. Luth Marivaldi is sorta befriended. Bertha Demein shows interested in Mr. Rueben.
Kallista visits Millicent Arno – temporary password – She doesn't care about cultists or clerics. And she really doesn't care either way. Asked about Mei Galanodel – could be a plant to hurt the other Guards – Stone, North, March… She knows about the Hall of Wells. Gives warning – she has been to other locations – beware of the demons and elemental in the hall. RUMON: by the Dragon Born village of Tilt – nearby Halfling village of Kirikiri – a hole has opened up between worlds.
In Court:
" Umber provides the evidence against the Cardinal. Presents the ledger for financial dealings.
" Presents the Holy Symbols we collected – for the Cult of Cruelty.
" Bishop goes through the ledger – Asks the Cardinal what's up.
" Requests and received permission to cast Zone of Truth.
" Margrave sides with the Group – and sentences Cardinal Treault to death. Is taken to the torture chamber.
" We give Dupre the name of the Guard who talked to the Cardinal – and that the Abby of the Sins Exposed is a big deal.
Redgate – knows about the Abby of Sins Exposed – but not sure if he's in on it or just pissed he has to deal with this crap.
Invited to deal with tomorrows meetings on what's a concern for the March Guard.
"Dwarf named Mungen: Bar Clan – located near the Orc March. Dry high step inland. Center of the island. Orc under Khan Tiang have gone from harmless nomads to building into a hoard. Not enough grazing land given by the King – pushing into Dwarf lands. Khan Tiang offering entrance into the hoard if you bring Horse – horse thievery big. Dwarf Brother of Mungen – Arialt wants to go to War. Zolas looks perturbed – not sure if it's her people are being spoken ill of or that what should be settled with the Dwarves. Zolas reaction: Tiang is an idiot.
"Head of the Shipping Guild and begs that Margrave Dupre do something about Madam Mertle the Black. She is a Pirate Queen. Was small time – year ago got real ambitious – Ships from the Green March attacked. She's getting more and more pirates – must be lots of money coming into her coffers. Rumor: Base of operations is on the west side of the islands. Would like a response to the attacks. Wants Dupre to authorize Privateers.
"Baronette Elmor Praitour (the younger) – asks in his fathers name for Margrave to investigate band of cannibals. Band of beasts dragged away people and ate them. Attacks continued after the winter – requests help (poor area in the south by the green march) to discover the creature(s) and kill it.
"Pair of Halflings (higher class cut and decoration): Chief Victor Arrapota and Adaline Euroua. From Kiririri – a few days walk of Tilt Dragon men village. Dragon Man named Okinox – that the Dragon Born have not done – and they have found a rift between worlds. Ask: Investigation of the rift.
Going with the Cannibals – and asked the Margrave to pull the ship Burning Hovel out of drydock.



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