Molten Throne


We opened the treasure room onto a statue of an eight armed demoness. In each of it's hands, it held an item of interest: A breastplate, bottle, horn, longsword, chainmail, rod with demonic face, three headed flail, wand of black oak. As we made preparations to enter the room, we were attacked from behind by nothics! The very same creatures we allowed to stay in their torporous state in a different room.
There was a mighty battle. Heavy wounds exchanged on both sides. But in the end, the heroes stood victorious.
We gained the following items:
Breastplate +1 – Umber
Eversmoking Bottle – Dray
Horn of Blasting – Nud
Longsword of Warning – Fah
Mariner's Chainmail – Gen
Rod of the Pact Keeper – Reuben
Vicious Flail – Klog
Wand of Secrets – Kallista

We were then all marked by the Marilith.



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