Molten Throne


After the fight -
Warg ritual – Head Ranger was revived – double row of teeth. No scars. He attempts to be compliant.
First watch – the Squire arrives. Anzu being sent to deliver a note. Squire didn't like the contents. Squires time to the camp is in question. Squire Tinkles (Bailey).
Deep Dive in the Warg brain – humans are eaten then rebirthed as human wolf queen pups. Split entity. Half is loyal to the Night Garm, and that half can make the human half do it's bidding – and think it's doing it for all the right reasons.
Head Ranger is a False Man.
Squire is a False Man.
Queen is the Night Garm.
She could have a dozen or more – all she has to do is eat them and birth new ones that are loyal.
Slaughtered the Warg.
Head Ranger and Quire Bailey committed death by Cops.
6 Warg skins and 2 Winter Wolf Skins.



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