Molten Throne


Fah works over the elemental. ACTUAL used the Tunnel and Sentinal.
Klog – two hit – kills a Merrow.
Kallista – Sphere of water – to restrain her.
Arabelle – Murders everything in sight – (JFC)
Lyonya (New Guy!!!!) – Double 1's on advantage! Auspicious!
Kallista – lucky – and just never seems to get hurt.
Merrows bolt!

el Fin…

The Poisoned Hind boat: 22 crew
Arabelle: boards and kills Druid in 12 seconds.
Umber: boards and kills a A thugs – one shot.
Fah – cross bows a guy – one shot.

Boat is ours…
1St Mate is Zelea Blundbus. Hold is Empty. Plan was to return their booty to: Fort Crabclaw – on the island in the South. Pirate Port. Those who work the SouthEaster Edge. Gains will be picked up and taken to a secret location – and picker up by a another vessel.


On the way to the Capital….
On your way back to the city you come across a swath of road, far from anywhere, that is blasted by fire for one hundred yards or more. Shrub and trees reduced to cinders, stones cracked by heat and earth baked into nearly glass.
When you get back you discover that neither Dray nor Okanox ever made it back.
Investigation: "The living mountain of fire came and ate two scaled twolegs. " OUCH!!!!

Entered the Capital: went to Visit Dupre. Gave a report. Dupre has ordered Dray named a Traitor – AND ordered the MarchGuard to find him and take to the Capital for Trial.
Ander Uuthraki was in the chamber – Arno tells us he's trying to influence the Court to get some control over the Guard.
Arno summoned Kallista: "Which you can't…" M.A. wants to be sure decisions are best for the March – and not benefit any one group. Tested Kallista on info for the Adamantite – and the Primordial Ruin. Kallista asked for assistance with both finding Dray and guarding the Primordial Ruin – with both issues she agreed. And Attacking the Dragon is not a good idea right now.
Pirate Queen Madam Mertal the Black is operating out the West of the Islands – appears to have no issus with the Fey. Hitting GreenMarch and SouthMarch to weaken those Marchs – to help their King wannabe. Options Options Options…

Used divination to determien which boat will be attacked and where… we sailed out and… RANDOM ENCOUNTER: Sea Hag, 6X Merrow, and a Water Elemental… Yeah!!!!

Orc Situation via Facebook

Zolis returns to your yurt the next day and tells you the Khan and the buo (shaman) Nergui will see you.
The khan's tent is unsurprisingly large and impressive and filled with painted warriors, half naked concubines and trophies of personal combat and adventures. Tayang is middle aged and scarred but handsome for an orc. Nergui is short and squat and barely visible beneath all the feathers, talons, bones and brightly colored robes. Something sinister seems to leak off the buo — not evil necessarily, but eldritch and powerful and old. You know the orcish religion is deep into ancestor worship and some think they are necromancers.
Tayand greets you with a broad smile and asks "What can Khan do for Margrave?" with a broad smile. Laughter erupts in the tent.
James Fletcher: Nud laughs. He didn't realize he was a fan of orc political commentary humor until now.
Finger S Back: I scan the room for hidden guards/assasins. I position myself to be as close and as direct a path to the shamon as I can without being hostile or obvious. Is zolis still with us?
George Kontoleon: Fah will cover said scanning and potential movement by formally/grandly introducing himself and the rest of the Guard to the Khan, taking time to regale the room with notes on victories in combat like the Marilith and the hell hounds and false men, etc… (and the let them know fighting us is Death).

This should allow us to move about and end up in a different position if need be. During the introduction, Fah will note that Klog has the honor of being the resident sub 60 seconds – Slayer of Sheep Thieves.
George Kontoleon: "Your sincere deference to OUR Margrave is noted – it is only through adherence, most strict, to the rule of law, that we all remain at peace and safe from the evils of chaos and the rivers of blood from war.

“Margrave Dupre dispatched us to observe and gain an understanding of the situation so we may provide a rational and impartial assessment of the situation. We arrived with no preconceived notions on motives or intent. We're just here to understand the facts and then provide this information to OUR Margrave. If we, under the Full Authority of Law, find a simple solution that will enable tensions to be reduced – we are duly authorized to act. But for right now, we observe and question the actions of both sides of the dispute.

"Please correct me if I make a factual error. I observe that you've currently creating an encampment on lands that were ceded to the Dwarven people by the lawful authority of the High King. You have accepted, or at least not exceeded until recently, the territorial boundaries allotted by the King. This encampment, and its current inhabitants, does not have the permission of the Dwarven people to exist.

"Before we continue into the motivations of your people and the expected impact of your decisions – have I made a factual error in any of my current observations?”
[DM] You talk a lot, human. I bet you are a nobleman. You were born high and so you think you are high. I was born low — an uyghur — so you think I am low. Look around. Do you see my warriors? My women? Do you think these are the things of a low man?
George Kontoleon: Ignoring the obvious bait, "Great – now that we're done with the pleasantries – I'll ask you a direct question, Khan – If the Dwarves found something of value under the ground in the OrcMarch – and just decided to tunnel under your feet and take it – because they whined that the High King didn't give them land with enough mineral wealth – would you think their actions were fair and just? Would you think their leader was raised high and noble – or a common thief?"
(OOC: assuming he not an idiot and recognizes – even if he won't admit it – the truth of the matter, when Kallista brings up the AD he'll have to decide if he wants to have other rightously steal from him based on his decision to pilfer land or remove his troops to prove he respects the law that would eventually protect his people and his wealth… If I can get him to think it's his idea and he's bested me – we're golden.)
"I thought you said you would speak directly, nobleman. Your kind gave us lands empty and valueless to you. Your kind were too soft to take the lands of the fey. Orcs are warriors unchained and without battles to fight, with only dirt to scratch life from, we might as well remain in chains.
Finger S Back: Is fighting and war all that orcs are? Are such a proud race so single minded and self limiting?
Ian Eller Not all battles are wars, girl.
Finger S Back: You are correct. There are more battles then just war. There are also more ways then fighting battles to prove your worth. Regardless of the type of fight, that is all orcs seem to know or want. Perhaps you should broaden your views and look for somethinf besides a great battle to achieve what it is you want for your people. Or are you just interested in showing your greatness and have little care for the future of your people and tribe?

Chris Hudson: I'm sizing up the shaman and attempting to determine what his tradition is like, and what sorts of abilities he might have.
Ian Eller Definitely divine in nature but it smells like necromancy.
Chris Hudson Well, everyone makes their own choices. Unless you're in our party, where you're subject to arbitrary moral discrimination.

Chris Hudson I just said that out loud, didn't I?

George Kontoleon "Don't ever paint US with the same brush as those who you think slighted you. We are here to help – to try and save as many orc lives as possible – and restore your noble warrior image with the other Marchs – who mostly now look up this encampment with disgust and think you nothing but savages and thieves – a people to be dealt with not a people to do business with.

"My straight talking friend has a proposition – to both enrich your peoples coffers and use your natural warrior skills to increase your prestige with the other Marchs."

(cue Kallista and the Bounty hunter program. Before we talk AD – we should just make sure Khan is okay with who is in the room)
Ian Eller The bounty on monsters proposal is extremely well received by the orcs. The more Kallista explains it, the louder the orcs get and the bigger the Khan's grin. Horns of "ybix mead" (don't ask; it gets orcs drunk) are passed around and there is lots of cross talk about griffons and giant spiders and whether elves are included. Finally, the Khan quiets everyone down and says. "This is good. Zolis, you will be Marshal. Yes?"
George Kontoleon "I think She would make an excellent choice to be a Marshall"
Chris Hudson Do we need to do anything else to make the Marshals a reality?


Continued the attack on Okanox.
We beat Okanox and he seems to have put the key for the Primordial Ruin.
Deck of Many Things – We got the answer to the how to unplug him from the Primodial Ruin – requires a wish.
Kallista is doing distance research back to the our Library.
Dray uses a wish to undo Okanox spell.
Okanox offers to show us the treasure room if we don't turn him in… It was a trap designed to kill us. The sarcophagus room is a trap. Kallista is working on deciphering the runes on the walls and arches to figure out the room. Would require a 7th level slot to disarm the lock.


Shit show with the Deck of Many Things…


Greeted by 4 gargoyles; 2 Catelopes; and an IMP.
Kallista convinces the Imp to deliver a message; the master refuses to hear us. Killed them all – stinky foul stuff.

Eyeballs and Halflings

Returned the sheep to the Patu village – attacked by 2 Ocolus (Fah and Arabelle had their eyes sucked out and put back in again). Intellect devourers joined the fight – - They were fireballed and hacked to death. The Patu were already dead – became intellect devourer. Buried and given rights.
We drive the herd of sheep into KiriKiri.
Victor Arepata – main guy in KiriKiri for and diplomacy or trading.
Adeline Orurewa – Priest of Druid Caste. Doesn't trust The Guard or Dupre. Nud is in love.
Okanox – Dragon Born who will know something about closing the rift. Banished from Tilt by public opinion – sent away interest of the rift and what comes out of them. Relocated to KiriKiri.
Not in town – sometimes he stays are the old Ruins. Ruins is near the RIFT. – 5 miles into the hills for the ancient ruins. Primordials.
Decision: Go to the Ancient Ruin – meet Okanox.

Marilith and Sheep

Miralith – in a circle of protection. Glyphs of Warding. Killed the bitch in 10 seconds. YAWP!!!!

KiriKiri: Up by the Orc March – open portal not closing. Tenticled monsters are arriving and taking people.
Up by the Orcs – after the Dragon killed the king – the ORCS got their own march. They have been pushing out around their boundries – and targetting the hill dwarves. Dupre would like us to check in – and maybe take out the Orc Lord who seems to be pushing the issue.

Wihola to Duncomb – on the road – 2nd day; 4 manticores attack. Seem to be pushed out this far by the Dragon.
Combat: Flying creatures take a LOT of damage when then fall.

At the intersection of the Orc Road and the north road – we meet a group of Patu halflings. They are tense. 3 in the pary. As we approach, they become less tense.
Rhanji Harawana – both Patu names. Invited to join their lunch time fire. Henny – tells the party that the ORCS took their sheep.
Orc Ganzorig challenged Klog – Klog wasted him
Ibhaka – witch – cheated… GOT WRECKED!!!



The March Guard hunts the Night Garm.
Nud acting a lead tracker.
Night Garm is moving North further away from civilization. She has a few hours advantage – Druid can track. She is going somewhere – not just fleeing.
There is a circle ahead – controlled by an Etin Druid. Night Garb is heading for this circle.
Kallista summoned steads – group will cut her off before she gets the Elf Lords and the Etin Druid. Party will charge ahead.
Caught her within a mile of the Etin Grove.
Klog, Nud, Fah, and Umber hit it – and kill it. Never even got a shot off. DAUUUM

Prater Keep:
We found that once the Night Garm died – the False men mentally revert to an animal status.
Prater the Younger befriended Fah – Prater the Elder thinks his son is something Trump would grab. Younger Prater offers to Help Fah find a bride upon his fathers passing.
Orchid Etham – Widow of Elder Minor Noble – who died as a False Man. Deeply in Debt. Dray refused to help them with a debt – they are insulted.

Note: Not all things that come out of the rifts – is extraplaner. Some might be from a similiar plane and can't be banished.

Fah and Klog go to Duncolm to report in – next steps against the Rift and Demons. Margrave Dupre: first go see what going on between the Orcs and Dwarves. Both the Half Orc daughter and the Dwarf strategist: both left quickly about 8 days ago. Authorized to take out agitators if need be to prevent a war and a horse forming.
Kallista is scribing spells. Swaped a create humonculous formula for an Arcane Eye scroll.
Dray checks on his shop – not enough inventory to open a second shop. Will need to invest heavily in the shop to expand.
Nud – ejected more squirels from his land.
NOTE:The Following was changed to have occurred prior to the return to Waihola.
DAY 1 on the road to the ORC / Dwarf border.
Wagon on the road: broken wagon wheel.
5 bearded devils. Can poison and cause bleeding. Pains tin the ass.
Nud summons 2 bears. We were constantly bleeding and being poisoned. F!!!!


Lot's of fighting. Tasha's laughter. Sleeping wolves nipped awake.
They missed ALOT – like holy missing everything hell!

We win -
NightGarm flees using dimensional door. Escaped.
Level up!


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