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Session 001
A New Marchguard Forms

Attending: Nykolas (Bleys), Dray (Wulf), Jakha (Dylan), Sister Genevieve (Jen), Enoch (Tripp), Rueben (Finger), Arthur (Rich) and Klog (Shawn).  

The new Marchguard gather in Wiahola, a traffic hub in Southmarch.  There is a small village nearby, Berwick, which produces timber from the Berwick Forest.  Teamsters bring the logs to Wiahola to the coast and up to Duncombe.  Fey, giants, bandits, and other strange creatures have begun to threaten the region, and Berwick's lumber has become more important.  A few weeks ago, the logs stopped coming.

Margrave Duprey (and his right-hand-woman) XXXX, wants us to figure it out.  We have the right to nominate folks for membership in the Marchguard on our travels.  Mandate: maintain peace, order and the functioning of society.  Also, justice and fair-dealing.

We walked to Berwick, rounding the lake.  A large number of lumberjacks were heading down the road, families in tow.  Arthur stops one family and asks what is happening.   "I don't want to be part of Wilfred's strike.  I'd rather work than try to get higher wages."  "Wilfred Wheat is a woodsman leader, and is holding out for higher wages."  The lumberjack and his family was afraid of the orc and dragonborn in our party.  

We make it to Berwick, a sleepy little town, just after noon.  Nykolas plays with the kids, offering candy and giving piggyback rides.  Dray attempts to be nice and non-threatening and does ok.  Sister Genevieve greets everyone as kindly as she can.  Reuben heads to the tavern (The Orchard, known for its cider), and Arthur looks for the village leaders.  Enoch goes with Arthur.  Jakha gets Reuben and Klog to bring him some food, since he can't enter the tavern.

We talk briefly with the Mayor and the halfling sherrif Puhipi, who is of a famous native family that made good with the first Imperial ruler.  We say we'll take care of the problem, but the mayor says he might have to use force.

Meanwhile, at the tavern, party members are helped by Nelson and his family.  The prices seem a tad gougey.  The heroes questioned the keepers about local troubles, which led to some rude comments about the striking loggers and orcs by Nelson.  We learn that Wheat has stopped coming to town and now stays in the logger camp.  

Sister Genevieve goes to meet with the local cleric.  She greets him politely.  He seems frazzled, mainly because there is a rift in the community.  Some people like Wheat and are supportive of his cause, but other folks don't want to brook such revolutionary spirit.  Many have asked the priest about their spiritual role in this.  She learns that Wheat hasn't been to church in a few weeks, and this revolutionary attitude seems new.  Wheat wasn't particularly devote prior to this, but showed up on holidays with clean clothes.  He wasn't revolutionary before.  She promises to do her best to bring Wheat back into the fold.  He gives her a healing potion.

We all re-gather at the tavern.  Jakha listens at the kitchen window and hears comments about the dragonborn, and the difficulty of cooking for…it.  

After some homo-erotic discussion of Klog and lumberjacks, we go several miles up the road to the logger's camp.  Jakha scouts ahead.  He hears Wifred Wheat talking loudly about rights, pay, the value of their labor, which is 100gp a day.  He warns us that there might be some magic at play. 

When we approach, the lumberjacks get a strange fire in their eyes and attack!  A wild melee ensues, with Arthur running to the front, getting shot and hacked by axes.  Some of the lumberjacks begin to fall, but all gang up on Arthur, who has run to verbally accost Mr. Wheat.   Arthur is soon bleeding the trampled dirt of the camp.  Luckily, Sister Genevieve was there to save him, while the rest of the party knocked the lumberjacks unconscious and began beating Wilfred senseless.   

Session 002
Fey and Ankhegs

Fah, Mr. Umber, Dray, Sister Genevieve, Enoch, Roland, Reuben, Arthur and Jakha take a rest, recovering from their battle, and then begin questioning the lumberjacks.  The lumberjacks don't seem to be missing memories of the last 3 days, suggesting that they'd been "ensorcelled", which is totally a word.

Jahka searches around the camp and finds no sign of anything other than the lumberjacks.  Mr. Wheat seems a bit guilty.  Mr. Umber begins interrogating Wheat, with Reuben being an intimidating presence.  Mr. Wheat mentions that he last remembers seeing "Frangag" in the forest, a "perfect and beautiful woman" who talked him out of cutting down a tree.  Umber and Roland fail to get the location of this fey woman, but Fah eventually convinces him that we won't hurt her.

We decide to take the lumberjacks back to the village to turn them over the authorities and explain the enchantment.  Sheriff Puhipi meets us outside the town and asks questions.  Puhipi demands that the men are chained.  Reuben makes sure that the men won't be hurt after we turn them over, and that they won't face any judgment until we return.  Puhipi agrees reluctantly, and we return to town.  The Mayor Ritchens is very upset over the money he's lost and is ranting in the street.  We are unable to mollify him.

The night is spent at the Orchard, at a campfire, the temple.  Enoch learns that a local shepherd is troubled by what appears to be an ankheg.  Enoch gets directions to the latest incident.

In the morning, after much (much) debate, we decide to stake out the sheep meadow and hunt the ankhegs.  On cue, they show up and attack, Arthur being the obvious target.  Sister Genevieve prevents him from being dragged underground, and the rest of the party dispatches the monsters.    We search their gullets for treasure, finding much!

Session 003
Diwbrog and the Forest Maze

After dispatching Ankhegs, we returned to the Orchard and spent a night resting and recovering.  The next day, we started to search out Frangag, the dryad of the forest who had charmed Mr. Wheat, the lumberjack.  However, Sister Genevieve had misgivings about the intentions of the Mayor with respect to the lumberjack prisoners.

We further tried to get him not to abuse the prisoners, arguing that we could set the issue right.  The Mayor remains unswayed.  We instead agree that Mr. Wheat will be punished, and the others will be pardoned.  With the bloodthirsty Mayor partially thwarted, we headed off for the forest.

The glade should be some 3 hours away, but we'll need to find our way.  Unfortunately, we manage to get lost in the forest.  Mr. Umber, muddled by magic, perhaps, tries to get our bearings, but he's hopelessly lost.  Klog tries, and while unable to get our bearings, does see something large heading this way.

Dray gets his notes put away, muttering about parahelion, and he sees a warty skin covering big muscles on a huge arm.  It's a hill giant!  As we scatter, the thing reaches into the bushes and grabs Fah.  Reuben and others spring to action, trying their best not to upset the otherwise non-violent giant.  Reuben was able to speak with the giant in sylvan, and was trying desperately to keep him calm and not violent, as we threw real and illusory food at the giant.  Reuben, with a bit of help from Sister Genevieve, managed to convince the giant (named Diwbrog) to head off into the woods.  We ran from him, and then rested, feeling lucky that we didn't get smashed by a giant.

[Many of us leveled to level 2.]

After that, we faced several days of wandering around in a magical haze, trying to find the dryad's grove.  Her magics thwarted our efforts to find our way, but we persevered, and John, our new companion, kept us from starving.

Finally, we reached the glade…


Session 005
Why we skip 004? It's a mystery.

Head back with dryad head.  Talk to Puhipi.  

Puhipi is upset at the death of the dryad.  Won't say why.  Puhipi says there is a child missing.  He takes us to the distraught father.  The father, Edmund the elder, says his son had a magical knack and was taken by something that came out of the ankheg hole.  He said it was a "one-eyed serpent man".  We find evidence that the child was magical, and then some strange 3-toed creatures.  

We return to the ankheg holes.  Investigating one, we find two nothics down below.  Nothics, which look like one-eyed snake men, are the terrible remains of wizards who once learned the wrong secrets.  We engage in some falling and fighting.  They are quickly dispatched (no thanks to Enoch), and we soon find a secret door.



Kallista – C Hudson
Mr. Umber – Bleys
Dray – Wu
Myrddin – Ben (left early)
Sister Genevieve – Jen
Reuben – Finger
Klog – Shaun
Fah – George, arrived late

Party begins in the lair of the late Nothics. They had been here as guardians, and had been breached by the Ankhegs

There is a secret door here that the party is puzzling over

The door itself appears to be mechanical, we push and we slide and there's some kind of magical protection

Kallista unsummons Flanky the Bat and resummons him on the other side of the door.
Kallista's eyes turn white as she experiences Flanky's blindsight. There is an altar with a heat source and a human head like object and four statues o fhollow metal, one in each corner

Dray casts light on Arthurs mustache, then expeditious retreat on himself, and kicks open the door.

The magic runes flare and crackle, and the room beyond illuminates to reveal a green-flaming skull over the altar, and four armored skeletons in each corner.
He dives into the room, casting fire bolt at the skull, and it resists the flame. He continues on to place his back to bronze doors, which bear unusual pictograms.

Kallista examines the situation and keeps to herself

Mr Umber charges into the room and positions himself near Dray, ready to pulverize the skeletons as they attack

Flameskull speaks in an ancient tongue, which no one understands. It sounds like a declaration and then a command, and moves closer to Dray while casting some kind of weird wizardry spell, but it isn't recognizeable

Skeletons move into position to attack.
Skeleton 1 targets Mr. Umber and misses
Skeleton 2 Targets Dray. Mr. Umber waves his shield in the way and prevents a critical, but the skeleton lands a blow. Dray reacts by casting SHIELD and the blade is turned away!
Skeleton 3 hits Mr. Umber and Skeleton 4 misses Dray.

Sister Genevieve charges into the room, wielding Compassion and shouting a prayer to TURN UNDEAD.
Skeleton 1 fails its save
Skeleton 2 fails its save
Skeleton 3 fumbles its save
Skeleton 4 makes its save
Flameskull fails its save

The afflicted undead must spend their turn moving away from her and cannot willingly move within 30 feet of her. They can only dash or try to escape. If they cannot move, they can dodge.
The great success INSPIRES Sister Genevieve!

Genevieve learned in Cleric school that Flameskulls are bound to their own skulls through some magical ritual. They are usually the souls of Evokers. They can cast fireball!
Genevieve shouts a warning, "He may fling a fireball or something!"

Klog wanders into the room, and asks, "which one shouldn't I hit?"

Arthur arrives late as ever, his mustachios aglow, and poses dramatically. attempting to distract the enemies with the glory that is his facial structure

Fah wakes up from whatever narrative nap he was taking and rejoins the action!
He charges into the room and menaces.

Dray reaches out a hand, whispers GZZAAAAACK, and casts shocking grasp on Skeleton 4.

Kallista moves into the room and FLanky takes up position opposite of Skeleton 4

Reuben moves in and casts Chill Touch against Skeleton 4

Mr. Umber swings his sword and slays a skeleton 4

Skeleton 1 shakes being turned and swings at Arthur, wounding him

The rest of hte undead flee, provoking attacks of opportunity, but no significant damage is dealt. Dray misses when he swings the wicked, metal-spiked book.

Sister Genevieve…can't get off of mute…then casts SACRED FLAME, dealing a tiny amount of damage to Skeleton 1

Klog swings his great axe and cleaves Skeleton 1 into two pieces!

Arthur charges into a place where he can be attacked by every villain on the board! He swings his glaive at the Flameskull, with Disadvantage, and misses!

Fah closes in to the southwest corner and can't make it close enough to attack

Dray calls out in a cheerful manner, "Flanky , they're getting away from us!" and lines himself up so that he breathes fire in a line across Skeleton 2 and the Flameskull. The Skeleton takes burns slightly, but the flameskull resists, clearly immune to fire damage

Kallista gives Flanky orders, then summons an illusion of a crossbow, which fires out an arrow that unfurls into a BANG! sign

Reuben Montagu casts CHILL TOUCH against Skeleton 2, dealing heavy damage to it.

Mr. Umber takes advantage of Flanky's distraction to attack Skeleton 2, killing it!

Flameskull remains turned and flees into the corner. Skeelton 3 does similarly

Sister Genevieve casts SACRED FLAME on Skeleton 3, who saves, so there's no effect

Klog cleaves Skeleton 3 and it falls lifeless to the floor of the secret room

Arthur swings and misses at the Flameskull

Fah swings and misses as well

Dray casts True Strike on himself and readies to pierce the skull

Kallista orders Flanky to aid Mr. Umber

Reuben uses HEX on the Flameskull which gives him disadvantage on WIS saves, no saving throw, and then casts CHILL TOUCH, but misses

Mr. Umber declares his next band name to be MYSTIC GUANO
Mr. Umber then swings his longsword and slices deep into the Flameskull
The Flameskull tries to concentration check and FUMBLES! he loses his BLUR spell and becomes clearer to see, but has shaken the TURNED status


a Fireball expands suddenly within the center of the room, hitting everyone except Genevieve and Reuben

Dray resists the fire, being singed.

Arthur, Kallista, and Umber all fall with severe burns, seemingly lifeless

Klog and Fah have heavy burns but still stand.

Sister Genevieve rushes over to Kallista and stabilizes her with a touch. She then uses HEALING WORD to heal Mr. Umber

Mr. Umber sits up, conscious and woozy.

Klog loses his temper at the Flameskull and brings the greataxe down in an overhanded swing, cracking the FLameskull open but not quite destroying it.

Arthur makes his death save and stabilizes!

Fah aims his crossbow and pierces the Flameskull, giving it a bolt-horn, but it still floats there, wreathed in green flame

Fah then uses his SECOND WIND to recover well from the fireball

Dray fires his crossbow over the prone Mr. Umber at the Flameskull, putting the second horn onto the skull

Kallista spends a round recovering

Reuben hurls an ELDRITCH BLAST at the skull and kills it!
The flaming skull falls into Mr. Umber's lap, and dies.

there's a strange hiss, a burst of black smoke, and the skull fizzles out. Klog, still quite angry and hurt, smashes it into splinters

Mr. Umber gives 1 point to Arthur, who wakes up and uses SECOND WIND
Mr. Umber gives Kallista 5 hit points to bring her awake
Mr. Umber gives himself 3 hit points
Kallista examines the altar
Dray examines the bronze doors
Genevieve heals Klog
Reuben Keeps an eye out for ambush
Arthur aids in perception
Klog does general perception while waiting for ambush
Fah aids in perception

Klog sees something weird with the wall south of the Altar. He thinks there's maybe a secret door there.
Kallista looks at the altar and feels less and less that there's a worship vibe. Instead the writing scrawled on it is magical writing. She thinks that it is spellcraft built into the altar.

Dray can tell this is an exceedingly old language, and can't make out much, but in the pictures, the dudes are doing great wizardry such as calling lightning and raising undead, indicating whatever lays beyond the door deals with major wizardry.

Reuben acts shifty and defensive

Dray calls out to Kallista but she is absorbed with the spell in the altar.

Klog starts knocking on the wall with his great axe.

Kallista investigates thoroughly and believes that this releases STASIS. There are no other markings on the door to give a hint of what's beyond it. it looks like the mechanism is locked in a puzzle-like fashion that requires special methods to move it in sequence. The stasis needs to be removed.

Kallista pulls out a piece of parchment and some charcoal and, with Dray's assistance, manages to record a SCROLL OF BLUR off of the altar.

The Party takes a LONG REST to recover hit points, spells and abilities

165 XP base award for everyone (182 for humans, note-taker)
There are four sets of Shields, Swords, and Chainmail as loot.

Dungeon Treasure Room

Myrrdin the Gnome shows up to do the episode recap, polish some shoes, and gain 100 xp for consistency

Anzu the Familiar shows up!

Kallista – Chris H (Flanky)
Mr Umber – Bleys
Dray – Wulf
Myrrdin – Ben
Sister Genevieve – Jen
Reuben – Finger (Anzu)
Arthur -

Kallista learns Comprehend Languages and Detect Magic as the premier wizard of the party
Kallista casts COMPREHEND LANGUAGES to examine the door and hidden door
Kallista follows up with DETECT MAGIC and investigates the room

Mr. Umber reasons that the stasis effect on the hidden door might mean that the child wasn't taken this way. However, that means the door to this room might have blocked it similarly

On the Bronze door: "Welcome all who know the ley lines and the star fires. Beware interlopers for the denizens of the under fires are servants here."

The familiars are summoned on the other side of the secret door and discover a treasure trove!
Anzu has DEVIL'S SIGHT and can see the bags of coins and chests, a bag of holding, a bunch of gems, a funky looking cloak, a potion, another potion, and more gems!

The Familiars try to examine the door and see nothing but the door seams on the inside

Frustrated, the party decides to let Anzu open the door from the inside, and everyone hides in the corner of the room
A spell is triggered, and a Demon Ape appears.

Kallista activates a diviner ability and banks 2 D20s (1,16) to replace other rolls

Fah wins initiative
Fah attacks at Disadvantage with his crossbow, but forgot to target the enemy. He misses!

Anzu turns invisible and starts rummaging through the loot. The Barlgura fails to see or detect him! He can't find the cloak though.

Genevieve casts GUIDANCE on Fah to grant a D4 to any rolled ability check, once, within the next minute

Barlgura rushes out of the room and bites Fah, but misses with it's claws. Fah is wounded!

Reuben casts SCORCHING RAY at the Balgura but it resists part of the damage.

Arthur jumps up on the altar and taunts the Balgura, then misses when swinging his Glaive. He was dazzled by his own glowing mustache

Kallista realizes it is resistant to cold, fire and lightning
Flanky the Bat advances and uses the Help action for Mr Umber to get Advantage on his next attack

Dray casts EXPEDITIOUS RETREAT, draws his crossbow that he never uses, repositions himself and shoots the Balgura, slightly wounding it!

Mr. Umber casts HEROISM on himself. This grants him four temporary hit points. He then advances and tries to draw the Balgura's attention

Klog is paralyzed with fear!

Fah swings his longsword at the very large Balgura, and slashes into it.
He then takes his second attack, but misses.

Anzu picks up two potions and the cloak and brings them out of the chamber. A potion drops in front of Arthur and in front of Umber.

Genevieve casts SACRED FLAME on the Balgura. It saves!

The Balgura tries to select one person to attack from Umber, Arthur, and Fah. Fah and Umber of GOOD alignment so the Balgura chooses to target Mr. Umber. One fist connects with his chest plate and dents it slightly. [damage reduction of heavy armor proficiency feat]
The Balgura follows up with a bite and hits Mr. Umber again, wounding him badly but not so badly he can't fight

Reuben choses not to act to allow his familiar to act

Arthur sligfhtly wounds the Balgura with his Glaive

Kallista commands Flanky to give advantage to Mr Umber.

Dray fires his crossbow again, but misses, then retreats slightly

Mr. Umber considers whether or not to turn it, or to heal himself and soak damage. He casts DIVINE FAVOR upon himself which grants him additional radiant damage. He then swings his glowing sword but mnisses the Balgura. Except that the glowing edge extends past the blade and slices into the Balgura, causing heavy damage!

Fah uses Flanky's Advantage to hit the Balgura with the longsword, injuring it!

Anzu the familiar grants Arthur advantage to his next attack

Genevieve tries to cast SACRED FLAME again but the Balgura saves!
The good sister swears loudly, shocking Arthur

Balgura attacks Mr Umber with its fists, but misses, then bites at him and misses again!

Reuben casts ELDRITCH BLAST on the Balgura! It teeters but still stands

Arthur has advantage and swings his glaive at the Balgura, but misses. Arthur uses his action surge to attack again, hitting and striking a mortal blow to the demon ape, causing it to vanish in a poof of sulpherous smoke.

Party receives 28 GP, 1001 SP, 2100 CP
4 GP, 300 CP, 143 SP

Bag of holding goes to Dray who starts carrying the spare armor and arms fo rhte party. Mr. Umber gets a cloak of the manta ray, as a sailor. The Gems are split up amongst the party. The Potions go to magic users.

Rule proposed to grant the rounding-error spoils to the person who kills the top monster in the fight.

Kallista investigates the treasure room and finds that it has been sealed for thousands of years. Whatever group last operated out of here, before it was dungeonized, left these things behind.
She explains "the boy has not been in here, this room has been sealed for a world's age"

Familiars scout beyond the Brass Doors and see a burning brazier in the middle of the hallway. It has stylized chicken legs, wrought of burnished iron. The bowl sitting on the top emanates light and heat, but there's no fuel to burn.
When the Familiars appear, the brazier hops on its feet, then runs up and tilts, considering the two familiars, and kind of looks. Suddenly it kicks it's head forward and threatens with its light and flame.
Anzu tries to jump into the brazier but ends up chasing it around the hallway.

Kallista eventually picks the lock, and the doors open. The Brazier hops around, examining the three spell casters, and then chooses to park itself next to Kallista. It seems to have decided that she is it's new master, and will follow her around. It cannot do complex commands beyond how far away to go. It cannot communicate any better than a puppy could. It also menaces any divine casters that get near to Kallista. ANIMATED OBJECT with CONTINUAL FLAME

Kallista asks if it wants to lead around the place, but it doesn't seem to understand. She then commands it to move ahead and illuminate the hallway.
There is a door at the end of hallway. THere is Pictographic text on the doors to the north, though all doors do not have pictographs, but are brass.

Kallista translates the brass door and then asks the brazier to inform her if there are any "intelopers" around.
The door says, "Welcome to all arcane users." and "Death to Interlopers"

Umber can tell that the dust was disturbed beyond the big bronze double doors.
Fah agrees.
one hallway goes to a plain brass door to the right, the other ramps down and curves away. Dray can tell that the halls were made with spellcraft but can't tell what spell.

Kallista investigates the double doors and realizes there is no latch mechanism visible. She eventually concludes that there is a device elsewhere that opens this door.

The party tries opening hte single, plain Brass door (Staff area) and finds mouldering office equipment. Dust is think on everything.
Flanky finds an illusionary wall hiding another hidden passageway, after everyone else fails to see it. It takes a little effort to convince Arthur it is an illusaion, as he utterly fails to be able to disbelieve it.
Kallista recognizes it as the spell PERMANENT ILLUSION There is another plain Brass door at the end, but it is locked with a 4-dimensional key. Kallista announces that she can try to unlock it.
She takes some time and uses the thief tools, and is able to fool the door into opening. They're just slightly alive and they have to be pleased to open it. Kallista seems to be amusing herself by muttering jokes and giggling while picking the lock.

Klog volunteers to open the brass door, and finds ANOTHER ROOM! There is no source of light but the room is illuminated in a bluish white glow. Near the center of the room there is a slightly raised dais. It is covered in eldritch script. Opposite on the wall there is anoval shape of eldritch script. It looks like a mish-mash of eldritch languages.
This is definitely arcane script

Mr. Umber steps into the room and suddenly makes a DEX save. He fails as soon as he crosses the threshold, and all of the blue light concentrates into a burning beam that damages him, and does not abate. Mr. Umber stubles back out of the room. "Demon Dogs that huts"
The Brazier and starts freaking out at Mr. Umber. Kallista tries to calm it down.

Dray and Kallista enter and discover that the room accepts arcane users only, and that the mechanism requires magic to be cast against the symbol on the wall. Dray tries to cast firebolt on the wall, it lights up for a round and dims.
It takes some experimenation but they eventually discover that it requires casting a cantrip every round to maintain the effect.
While they cast continuously and Mr. Umber tries to open the door, but it doesn't work.
The arcane energy is being gathered and sent somewhere else.

The party finally decides to descend down the other winding hallway. It levels out after about 15 feet, and straightens out.
At the end of the hall there is another STAFF BRASS DOOR. Arthur runs up, examines it, and throws it open. He walks in, and can see it is similar to other rooms. In the middle of the room, there is a skeleton in leathers and a cloak and old clothing, but from recent human history and not prehistory.
As you enter, out of those bones rises a figure made of white mist. He appears to be an adventurer and is hovering, staring at Arthur.
He addresses it in common. "Hey, my name is Arthur. Do you wanna bang?" He recognizes that it's an athletic looking spirit. The ghost looks at Arthur and moves its mouth but no sound comes out.
He's sure that the ghost is saying "I need to bake cookies!" and starts moving towards Arthur.
Arthur reaches out to shake his hand, but the spirit ignores it. The spirit hovers over into Arthur, then disappears. Arthur then starts walking out of the room and down the hallway.

He gets one full round away before initiative is rolled!
Klog notices that, as Arthur goes past, that Arthur does not slap Klog's ass, and thinks this is strange, so he tries to trip Arthur. The Ghost gets angry and Arthur's face twists in rage

Kallista shouts at the ghost, "what do you want!"
The Ghost tries to stand up, and answers "I can finally find the treasure! It is mine!"
Kallista then creates a minor illusion of a wall of stone clsoing off the hallway.

Klog tries to restrain Possessed-Arthur, but Arthur is a Top and gets the advantage over Klog

Dray asks, "Do we really want to stop him? He's only heading to the treasure room we emptied out."
WHen the party agrees, he steps forward and casts SHOCKING GRASP on Possessed-Arthur, wounding both the ghost and Arthur

Reuben casts Chilling Touch on Arthur, which harms Arthur but not the ghost.

Genevieve tries to TURN UNDEAD the Ghost to expel the possessor. It has disadvantage because of the HEX that Reuben cast upon it, so it faiils and has to flee Arthur's body and move away from Genevieve

Fah investigates the room and finds some rotted bones, tattered armor, rusty short sword, and some magical equipment.

Arthur stands up and swings his glaive at it, dealing slight damage and removing the TURNED status.

Mr. Umber uses TURN UNDEAD and turns the Ghost again.

The ghost Flees up the hallway.

Anzu searches the magical artifacts

Kallista tries to determine the best method for getting rid of the ghost, which is to either fulfil a specific request, or to use exorcism magic. She tehn sends Flanky to follow the ghost and advances into the previous room.

Dray tries the door to the next room and finds that it is locked.

Sister Genevieve heals Arthur.

Mr. Umber chases the ghost to maintain it's fleeing from him.
The Ghost heads back to the main room as it flees from Mr. Umber.

Last action declarations before the session ends:
Anzu is doing nothing.
Kallista moves towards the Ghost. Flanky and the Brazier follow.
Klog can't decide what to do.
Dray follows Kallista and Mr. Umber.
Reuben stays in the room.
Genevieve follows them as well.
Fah uses SECOND WIND to heal some damage. He then follows after the Ghost-chasing crew
Arthur runs up the hallway and nears after the Ghost.
Mr. Umber Advances.
The GHOST starts the top of the round, having just entered into Altar Room (ROOM 11)
(No additional XP was awarded at the end of the session)

Wulf and Hudson take notes

Wulf's Notes



Fah Kuulus
Mr. Umber
Sister Genevieve
Nud Seff
Reuben Montague
Arthur Blendlock
Klog Freeman
Enoch bates

Picking up where we left off

The Ghost is moving back to the Skull's room. Flanky follows, then Arthur.
The Ghost stands near the west wall of Room-11 and waits.
Most of the party follows, though Reuben and Kallista remain to investigate the corpse of the Ghost before following.

Myrddin, on his way out, meets a dirty Forest Gnome named Nud Seff and discovers he's a new member of the Marchguard. Myrddin guides Nud back to the dungeon and they appear in Room-11.

Nud Seff and Arthur greet as they flirt awkwardly with each other, then turn their attention to the ghost in the room.

Nud tries to get the Ghost's attention, but fails.
Myrddin then exits, stage right, and offers to fix a belt tomorrow.

Enoch Bates arrives as welll, climbs down the rope, and encounters Myrddin on his way past, who fixes his shoes.
Enoch then moves into Room-11 and targets the ghost with FIREBOLT but he's too far away

The Ghost passes through Nud on it's way to Enoch and, irate about being targeted, and stares right into Enoch's face. then POSSESSES Enoch

Kallista enters the room and investigates the west wall and finds a secret door with the SPELL OF STASIS on it, similar to the other treasure room.
She announces, "we're the worst adventurers ever! We missed a secret door!"
But Umber replies, "NO, I"m pretty sure they're all dead".

Dray rushes into the room with EXPEDITIOUS RETREAT to investigate the door, but all he can tell is, "This has nothing to do with Stars!"

Arthur rushes up to the Ghost and says, "It's time to have a conversation about "Consent!"" And swings his GLAIVE, but misses.

Dray says, "Your Gliave is called CONSENT?" That's two named weapons!

Mr Umber removes his turning and activates his powers.

Nud Seff moves closer, and uses his THORN WHIP which does slight amount of damage to the ghost, which partially resists. He can also pull the creature towards him with this spell, but choses not to.

Enoch moves forward, then throws a FIREBOLT at the ghost, which is resisted.

the Ghost, in his fancy clothes and adventuring gear. Sudenly his head turns scary. He lets out an unearthly wail, and both Sister Genevieve and Dray suffer strange effects from it. Sister Genevieve ages 30 years in an instant!
Dray ages 10 years in an instant! He's 18, "I'm a teenager now!" he cries out.

The Ghost then flees away from the door.
Arthur swings at the ghost with an attack of opportunity, wounding the ghost slightly.

Mr. Umber gets an attack of opportunity and bites into it with his LONGSWORD. The Longsword has SACRED WEAPON so it does full damage, heavily damaging the Ghost.

Kallista shoots the ghost with a light crossbow, while mumbling about how killing is her thing now.
Flanky shows up and gives AID to Fah for his next attack.

Dray cowers in a corner, crying "Grandma, no, please!"
Sister Genevieve flees to the oppsoite corner, touching her aged face and crying that she hasn't seen the sun in all this time, so it can't be that bad.

Fah rushes in to Room-12 doorway and swings LONGSWORD at the ghost, which partially resists, and is still heavily damaged.

Arthur runs towards the Ghost, and deals some more damage with his GLIAVE, Then backs away.

Mr. Umber runs up and slashes into the Ghost, causing it to disperse, and iwith a face full of rage, it fades away.

The party gains XP: 110 (121 with the 10% )
With no time to rest or regain spells, the party continues…

Kallista figures out how to disarm the SPELL OF STASIS trap. She can sell the alchemical silver in the filligree is channelling the manna from the ley lines, and believes she disarmed it.

"I'm 100% sure it will not go off!" She declares proudly.

Dray opens the door and sees a chamber beyond. That is full of Nothics, who are all neeling with their arms over their heads and their heads down. They aren't moving at all.

Kallista figures out that they are affected by a Sleep Spell and a Hunger-less spell. We can wake them up, but the trap is disabled.

Enoch figures out that if we leave them alone, they should not wake up and attack us.

The party argues about the morality of killing the Nothics in their sleep.

Dray runs pas tthem, looking for an activation rune or something. Room-15 is fillied with treasure, there's gian urns full of coinage and stacks of books, and a bunch of other wondrous treasure.

Dray stops partway into the room, looking for an activation trigger for the Nothics, and seems to ignore the treasure in the room.

Flanky moves forward and with it's BLINDSIGHT can tell that this is all an illusion over a giant pit in the floor.
Kallista uses this to tell that the treasure is an illusion, and she can also see a silver-lined rune chain carved into the ground near the edge of the pit.

Dray seems to have stopped, accidentalyy stops before the trap and the pit. He has no idea of the danger he's missed.

Reuben leaves Room and finds out something that no one else knows.

Kallista figures out that crossing the silver rune chain in the floor will dispel the SLEEP spell on the Nothics.

Nud offers GUIDANCE to Kallista to try to disable the rune chain trap

Kallista tries to DISARM TRAP, but it is tricky and she fails, or so we think, but her LUCK DIE kicks in and she succeeds.
She announces, "that treasure is an illusion, and it's covering a pit!" She then demonstrates the illusion.

The party is convinced this is a trap room only and decides to leave the Nothic's behind.

Reuben sends his familiar, Anzu, down into the pit, slowly. It can't see the bottom at first, and then it flies down to the limiit of familiar range — 100ft — and with the 120ft range of Hellsight, sees a cold stagnant body of water.
Reuben tries to recall his familiar, and it disappears.
"I don't think anyone should go down there," Reuben declares darkly.

Kallista searches the Nothic chamber, Room-14, with the help of Flanky. The party joins her in investigating the room. and a few characters roll really well.
The party finds almost non-existent remains of some kind of straw beds and spartan living conditions. Whoever these things were, when this place was active, they must have been some kind of acolyte or low-ranking member of a cult. There may be remains of a firepit in the floor, but it has been thousands of years. There is nothing else to find, and nothing valuable to be seen.
Any clothing on the Nothics has long since rotted away, so there is no loot on them.
This successful encounter triggered no combat but produced XP!
Secret Door to NOthic Hive, DC 21, as Kallista uses her thieves tools to re-lock the door to Room-14


Hudson's Notes


Room 9, ghost room;
Nud found a scroll in the Vastlund tongue. Notes indicate that Oberon Friff heard rumors of a great treasure vault in the cavern. He believed it to be in the room to the north, but was destroyed by the forces guarding it. He then became a ghost, convinced the treasure was in room 14.
Kallista and Enoch worked together to uncover the secret of the door. It contained an arcane lock that could only be opened by a certain school of magic, transmutation. Kallista used a cantrip to open it.
Room 16 contained a duplicate of the device in room 8. Triggering the devices at the same time cased the doors at intersection 6 to open- temporarily. The doors started to close if the spellcasters stopped channeling.
Arthur, Umber, and the others investigated the pillars inside room 1. They had etchings in a strange script. The muscle men attempted to wedge the doors open with leftover shields. This did not work; the doors were inexorable and crushed the shields. Concentration spells were required to keep the doors open long enough for the spellcasters to join the others in room 1.
The pillars in room 1 revealed spell rubbings, one of Invisibility and one of Dispel Magic. Kallista recieved Dispel Magic and Enoch recieved Invisiblity.
A monster burst out of the pool; a deadly water weird. Scratch that; 4 deadly water weirds! Fah was grappled and downed, but Nud was able to get him back up. Klog was grappled as well, but without apparent concern continued to hack away.
Nud Seff, hero of the hour, discovered the weakness of the water weird- they are unable to exist out of the pool they are bound to. Using his mystic Thorn Whip, he was able to slay two weirds on his own! The rest were beat down in good time by the other, you know, 'adventurers'.
The party then took a well-deserved rest to reflect upon lessons learned.

The Imp

The party continued on, investigating the huge round room. Three doors lead out.
The western door opened onto a fabulous library of magical knowledge and tomes. The area was powerfully warded, both to keep the ancient tomes from decaying, and to prevent them from being removed from the room. Spells of all types were stored here, as well as general lore. However, the information was all stored in the language of the ancients who built this place.
The northern door needed a particular key in order to open. Not a key key; some fort of special item.
The east door contained a magical laboratory. Miaxahl the Imp, in residence. Edmund, being experimented on. He was in the process of being transformed into a Nothic. The party, unable to reason with the Imp, surrounded it while Kallista put it to sleep with a spell. Using the Philter of Love supplied by Arthur, and disguising herself as a Tiefling, Kallista charmed the imp into answering her questions.
Meanwhile, the party worked on Edmund. They attempted to reverse the process by the clever strategem of ripping the magical gem device out of his face. This did end the effect; but it appears that more powerful magic will be needed to heal his maimed eyes and nose.
Kallista convinced the demon that she could lift the spell binding him to the room, in exchange for the key holding the north/south door. The Imp, crazy for Kallista, handed over the key. Kallista promptly reneged on her deal- temporarily. Kallista noted that the imp never specified a time when she would break the binding spell. She stated that she would return in due time and lift it.
The party proceeded to the north door and prepared to open it with the key. We were told by the imp that the room was a treasure trove.


We opened the treasure room onto a statue of an eight armed demoness. In each of it's hands, it held an item of interest: A breastplate, bottle, horn, longsword, chainmail, rod with demonic face, three headed flail, wand of black oak. As we made preparations to enter the room, we were attacked from behind by nothics! The very same creatures we allowed to stay in their torporous state in a different room.
There was a mighty battle. Heavy wounds exchanged on both sides. But in the end, the heroes stood victorious.
We gained the following items:
Breastplate +1 – Umber
Eversmoking Bottle – Dray
Horn of Blasting – Nud
Longsword of Warning – Fah
Mariner's Chainmail – Gen
Rod of the Pact Keeper – Reuben
Vicious Flail – Klog
Wand of Secrets – Kallista

We were then all marked by the Marilith.


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