Molten Throne


The March Guard hunts the Night Garm.
Nud acting a lead tracker.
Night Garm is moving North further away from civilization. She has a few hours advantage – Druid can track. She is going somewhere – not just fleeing.
There is a circle ahead – controlled by an Etin Druid. Night Garb is heading for this circle.
Kallista summoned steads – group will cut her off before she gets the Elf Lords and the Etin Druid. Party will charge ahead.
Caught her within a mile of the Etin Grove.
Klog, Nud, Fah, and Umber hit it – and kill it. Never even got a shot off. DAUUUM

Prater Keep:
We found that once the Night Garm died – the False men mentally revert to an animal status.
Prater the Younger befriended Fah – Prater the Elder thinks his son is something Trump would grab. Younger Prater offers to Help Fah find a bride upon his fathers passing.
Orchid Etham – Widow of Elder Minor Noble – who died as a False Man. Deeply in Debt. Dray refused to help them with a debt – they are insulted.

Note: Not all things that come out of the rifts – is extraplaner. Some might be from a similiar plane and can't be banished.

Fah and Klog go to Duncolm to report in – next steps against the Rift and Demons. Margrave Dupre: first go see what going on between the Orcs and Dwarves. Both the Half Orc daughter and the Dwarf strategist: both left quickly about 8 days ago. Authorized to take out agitators if need be to prevent a war and a horse forming.
Kallista is scribing spells. Swaped a create humonculous formula for an Arcane Eye scroll.
Dray checks on his shop – not enough inventory to open a second shop. Will need to invest heavily in the shop to expand.
Nud – ejected more squirels from his land.
NOTE:The Following was changed to have occurred prior to the return to Waihola.
DAY 1 on the road to the ORC / Dwarf border.
Wagon on the road: broken wagon wheel.
5 bearded devils. Can poison and cause bleeding. Pains tin the ass.
Nud summons 2 bears. We were constantly bleeding and being poisoned. F!!!!


Lot's of fighting. Tasha's laughter. Sleeping wolves nipped awake.
They missed ALOT – like holy missing everything hell!

We win -
NightGarm flees using dimensional door. Escaped.
Level up!


Heading out in cold and inclement weather. Plan is to arrive while daylight is still on our side.
Pater Keep looks militaristic – squat and square. Part of the first expansion. Upper floor is in complete ruins. The corruption is eating it. Buttress that once offered protection – are in ruins. Anzu does a fly over.
Two front towers have lost their last front faces.
2 Dire Wolves, 1 Winter Wolf, a Veteran and a Berzerker are visable.
We attack at a range of 120' from the South…
Mayhem ensues…

Dray is 20' off the map the South.


Elmore Prater the Younger does not take the news well that people are potentially converted.
Decide to go to Prater the Elder to give an update.
Arrive unharmed at Edendale. Keep of the Praters… Densly packed city.
Honor guard to Lord Duncan West – Prater the Elder's adviser. Bodies are to be brought to the back and not brought into the main keep/chamber. Callista sets an alarm on them.
Advised to be polite and courteous with Prater the Elder.
Duncan West is a FalseMan. We convince the Elder Prater of our goal – and get Duncan to show his true self. Duncan tried mightily to get us to go to Prater the Elder's old Keep.
Callista deep dives to the Wolf Queens when it jumps into Duncans head.
Her Plan to was to replace Prater the Younger – and the March Guard is a bonus.
Her Pack:
Radient Damage and SiIver – she's afraid of them.
2 Falsemen warriors Berserker & Skilled Fighter
2 Dire Wolves
2 Winter Wolves
Resistend to Lightning, Thunder, and non-magical weapons.

History: (Grand-Dad) Gregor Prater abandoned the ancestral home when he went made 50 years ago. Long standing plan from the Wolves, Dire / Winter or other – to take this land. Since the Dragon killed the King there are getting fisty. No law – so they're feasting on the people of Prater people.


After the fight -
Warg ritual – Head Ranger was revived – double row of teeth. No scars. He attempts to be compliant.
First watch – the Squire arrives. Anzu being sent to deliver a note. Squire didn't like the contents. Squires time to the camp is in question. Squire Tinkles (Bailey).
Deep Dive in the Warg brain – humans are eaten then rebirthed as human wolf queen pups. Split entity. Half is loyal to the Night Garm, and that half can make the human half do it's bidding – and think it's doing it for all the right reasons.
Head Ranger is a False Man.
Squire is a False Man.
Queen is the Night Garm.
She could have a dozen or more – all she has to do is eat them and birth new ones that are loyal.
Slaughtered the Warg.
Head Ranger and Quire Bailey committed death by Cops.
6 Warg skins and 2 Winter Wolf Skins.


Elmore Prater the Elder; Elmore Prater the Junior; (Solomn Bailey – Squire to Prater the Younger; Dunkin Porter – leader of the packhorses, and Sir Troke. Fah, Kallista, Umber, Dray, Nud, Reuben, Klog.
4 day road trip to Edendale – will pass Wihola – to the Prater Keep. Minor Baronette.
Day 1: Unevenful. Spent time in Waihola. Prater opens up a bit. He's a bit squirrely. Prater the Younger – early 20's – stresses of Command are having an effect. Squire is much better – more stoic. Dunkin Porter is superstitious (entirely sincere in his beliefs) and they have a bit of a magical effect. Prater: Baronette's land on the boarder of South March and Green March. Land was subject to raids. Fey are the devil – no matter what they say. Kallista and Fah check-in to the Library and the fight club and the Urchins.
Day 2: Exit Wiahola – and we escape densly populated areas. We see NON-Margrave patrols on the road (wearing sigals of local land holders).
Day 3: Continue to move about. Nothing Major.
Day 4: Riverton (Overbrook Tavern). Beginnings of the Lands of the Praters. Owner – Winnie Prat. Husband died from a Horse Kick. Finest Dinner in 4 days – offered. Sir Troke – looking around – looks worried something is missing.
OverBrook Tavern: Winne Prat has a table for 8 set – (Elmore, Winnie, and Sir Troke – meaning full look – RANGERS MISSING???). Rangers patrol the boarders – have not come home in the last 2 days. Camp is a few miles up river. Will need to check it out. (8 rangers – led by Ellis Brandt). Kallisa uses the Cards – all cards turn up as Wolves – and a Queen card – - – WARGS!!!!
Day 5: Travel up River. As we're getting close to the Camp – Ian opens the map – and roll Iniatiave.
Nudds dog is the MAN!!!!
2 White Wolves and 6 Wargs. Yeah…


Enter Town (Duncolmbe): would prefer to handle the matter internally. With your leave, of course. He graciously offers to take the burden of the wretched off your hands.
Inquisitor Bishop Maurice Redgate attempted to get us to turn over the Cardinal Treault to the religious court and not to Margrave's court. We declined.
Mind poking – we found the words "Abby of Sins Exposed" in the Cardinal's Mind.
25 Guards take the Cardinal Treault to the dungeons.
25 remaining Guards take us the sub keep of the palace – to rest and dress for the occasion.
Anzu – Dirty Blonde haired guard – suggestive talking and knowing glances – determined that he's updating the Cardinal on events. Guard is part of the Cult – and that the cult is deep and wide.
Reuben – talks to the court before we go there. Face time. Luth Marivaldi is sorta befriended. Bertha Demein shows interested in Mr. Rueben.
Kallista visits Millicent Arno – temporary password – She doesn't care about cultists or clerics. And she really doesn't care either way. Asked about Mei Galanodel – could be a plant to hurt the other Guards – Stone, North, March… She knows about the Hall of Wells. Gives warning – she has been to other locations – beware of the demons and elemental in the hall. RUMON: by the Dragon Born village of Tilt – nearby Halfling village of Kirikiri – a hole has opened up between worlds.
In Court:
" Umber provides the evidence against the Cardinal. Presents the ledger for financial dealings.
" Presents the Holy Symbols we collected – for the Cult of Cruelty.
" Bishop goes through the ledger – Asks the Cardinal what's up.
" Requests and received permission to cast Zone of Truth.
" Margrave sides with the Group – and sentences Cardinal Treault to death. Is taken to the torture chamber.
" We give Dupre the name of the Guard who talked to the Cardinal – and that the Abby of the Sins Exposed is a big deal.
Redgate – knows about the Abby of Sins Exposed – but not sure if he's in on it or just pissed he has to deal with this crap.
Invited to deal with tomorrows meetings on what's a concern for the March Guard.
"Dwarf named Mungen: Bar Clan – located near the Orc March. Dry high step inland. Center of the island. Orc under Khan Tiang have gone from harmless nomads to building into a hoard. Not enough grazing land given by the King – pushing into Dwarf lands. Khan Tiang offering entrance into the hoard if you bring Horse – horse thievery big. Dwarf Brother of Mungen – Arialt wants to go to War. Zolas looks perturbed – not sure if it's her people are being spoken ill of or that what should be settled with the Dwarves. Zolas reaction: Tiang is an idiot.
"Head of the Shipping Guild and begs that Margrave Dupre do something about Madam Mertle the Black. She is a Pirate Queen. Was small time – year ago got real ambitious – Ships from the Green March attacked. She's getting more and more pirates – must be lots of money coming into her coffers. Rumor: Base of operations is on the west side of the islands. Would like a response to the attacks. Wants Dupre to authorize Privateers.
"Baronette Elmor Praitour (the younger) – asks in his fathers name for Margrave to investigate band of cannibals. Band of beasts dragged away people and ate them. Attacks continued after the winter – requests help (poor area in the south by the green march) to discover the creature(s) and kill it.
"Pair of Halflings (higher class cut and decoration): Chief Victor Arrapota and Adaline Euroua. From Kiririri – a few days walk of Tilt Dragon men village. Dragon Man named Okinox – that the Dragon Born have not done – and they have found a rift between worlds. Ask: Investigation of the rift.
Going with the Cannibals – and asked the Margrave to pull the ship Burning Hovel out of drydock.


Kallista – Chris Hudson
Nud – Fletcher
Dray – Wulf
Umber – Bleys
Genevieve – Jen
Myrrdrin – Ben
Fah – Biicchi

Begin session with recap of recent winter downtime montages.

Fah buys a CURE WOUNDS SCROLL from Sister Genevieve
Genevieve made a CURE WOUNDS SCROLL

Myrrdin set up a shoe shine shop in the center of town and live at Gryffin Hall. He ports around his stool and shoe shine kit. <skill roll INVESTIGATION=success>

Kallista lives in The Well and researches Primordial, befriends the Imp, and miscellaneous wizardry.

Mr. Umber got new heavy armor made, trading away the Marilith breastplate.
Kallista finds a tiny flaw in the magic of the breastplate that can make it extremely vulnerable. It is not a curse, but a triggered event.

Dray went home to Tilt to perform his Studly duties (occupation), goes on a random unspecified mission, gains enough exp to level to 4th. He spends his earnings to earn the goodwill of the children of town, then trains them in basic health and fitness exercises such as Qigong or Tai Chi.

Between Umber and Dray, a significant impact has been made to the thieves' guild activities

Sister Genevieve frees Walter Wheat, earning a reputation as a legal scholar despite it being a fluke. She purifies the fountain in The Well. She lives in the church, makes some scrolls, and fails to notice something.
Brother Goebel runs a small shrine in Waiholla that gives out soup to poor people. He appears to be a heretic, by rumor. He is not evil but he teaching a rare lost gospel that the saint of freedom is a test for humanity, that the choice for freedom is the correct one.
Genevieve researches his lost gospel. This gospel has existed for as long as the church has (1499 years). Messianic heresy. She is aware but not able to act on it

Nud is living in his tree grove. Went on a few adventures, including the soup kitchen. He searches for a pet called Chaser and makes friends with the Squirrel King. Nud's pet wolf does not have any serious mechanical effects. 4

Klog is living at Gryffin Hall with Arthur. Did the side quest, got familiar with the area. Created a militia/fight club

We are escorting a prisoner for a court case. The identity of the escorted is shrouded in mystery.
Mister Umber finally reveals that the prisoner is Cardinal Triumph.
Umber has arrested the Cardinal of Waiholla under the authority of the Marchguard and wants to present the Cardinal Triumph was conspiring to keep the incredibly ill to incubate and transmit diseases that could be cured by paying a fee to the church.
Mr. Umber has not only eyewitness testimony but also a ledger proving the Cardinal was skimming off of the excess profits.
Mr. Umber hid this from Genevieve on purpose, but when it is revealed she supports Umber.
Kallista INVESTIGATES the ledger and rules that it is totally legit, and he was using his position of authority as well as his knowledge of diseases to enrich himself. He was the top of the pyramid. His money has been diverted in villas in the country. He may or may not be supporting families at both locations.

On the road to Dunkirk, the party is ambushed by the Cardinal's men
Mr Umber leans down to the manacled Cardinal and asks, "Did you pay your mercenaries well, False Priest?"
The Cardinal grins his split lips and spits at Umber's feet, saying, "Of course I did, Fool!"
Mr. Umber replaces the gag and blindfold and sets him on the ground

Sister Genevieve casts Bless on Fah, Umber, and Klog.

Cardinal Triumph
(name chose a kid on his baseball team he coaches that he hates the most)
Just looks around and makes a smug face.

Cultists and Veteran Mercenaries, as well as hooded Cult Fanatics who appear to be spellcasters.

Dray sparks a SCORCHING RAY at three cultists, injuring two and killing one of them.

Reuben casts darkness and hides, but his dark field covers several Cultists

Fah attacks the nearest Cult Fanatic.

Cultists Ululate and strike at Dray with their SCIMITARS, missing terribly. The second hits, and Dray casts SHIELD, but is still hit.

Cultists attack Kallista, but miss when she casts SHIELD

Cultist 6 misses Anzu.

Cultist 7 misses Klog

Cultist 8 fumbles against Fah.

Klog asks if he can use the cultist's blood to dye his hair, uses RAGE, and swings his LONGSWORD, decapitating the cultist. He then moves to join Klog

Mr. Umber HEXES Cultist 4, then cuts him in half with his LONGSWORD.

Veteran 1 targets Fah and swings his LONGSWORD but misses. He follows up with his short sword and misses as well.

Veteran 2 targets Klog with LONGSWORD and deals a smidge of damage, then follows up with the SHORT SWORD for a little more damage.

Cult Fanatic 1 casts HOLD PERSON on Umber, who makes his save, thanks to Genevieve's Blessing.

CUlt Fanatic 2 is stuck in Reuben's darkness. He tries to escape it. He does not realize there is a big mastiff nearby and gets mauled in an attack of opportunity. However the CF easily escapes with no damage. He then tries to cast HOLD PERSON on Klog, who succeeds in his save with Blessing.

Cult Fanatic 3 fumbles in his attack with his dagger on Fah.

Cult Fanatic 4 is stuck in the darkness and randomly escapes the darkness. He throws a HOLD PERSON at Klog. Klog saves.

Nud casts Faerie Fire targeting the veterans and cultists, affecting two of them.

Kallista casts MIRROR IMAGE on herself and stabs a cultist with her dagger. Flappy gives her advantage. She stabs C5 but deals a small amount of damage

Sister Genevieve summons a SPIRITUAL WEAPON (Mace) and uses it to crush Cultist 1.

Cardinal Triumph attempts to escape with disadvantage, but he fails miserably. It is obvious that he is trying something though.

Fah damages Cult Fantaic 3 severly but it stays up.

Cultists attack and miss.

Fah targets Cultist 8 and kills him.

Klog wounds Veteran 1 with his LONGSWORD.

Mr. Umber moves his HEX to another target and attacks Cult Fanatic 1, wounding him and spraying blood everywhere.

Nud's Wolf is caught in the darkness but finds his way to Nud by smell. He points at CF1 and yells, "Chase, Chaser, Chase!" Chaser misses.

Veteran 1 swings again at Fah, missing with the LONGSWORD but hits with the SHORT SWORD and cuts Fah's arm.

Veteran 2 attacks Klog twice and misses.

CF1 targets Mr. Umber and attempts to cast INFLICT WOUNDS.
Mr. Umber, "Consider grovelling, it might permit you to live."
CF1 misses.

CF2, in the darkness, tries to escape. he eventually ends up on the far side of the darkness and starts to move back towards combad.

CF3 attempts to attack Fah with INFLICT WOUNDS but fumbles.

CF4 is going to make a perception roll and heads towards where Reuben lurks in the darkness. He casts an AoE spell but Reuben makes his save

Nud pulls out Contempt, his Thorn Whip, and hits CF3, wouunding him and pulling him towards Nud. Fah has already used his reaction and does not get an attack of opportunity.

Kallista disengages from the cultist, who takes an attack of opportunity. Cultist 5 misses completely. She then moves past Cardinal Triumph and casts TASHA'S HIDEOUS LAUGHTER on CF2.

Sister Genevieve moves the Spiritual Mace over to the Cult Fanatics, then casts Sacred Flame but he saves. The Mace hits, and kills CF3.

Cardinal Triumph attempts to break free and fails again.

Dray targets Cultist 5 with a Fire bolt but misses, despite Anzu's aid. He then moves over towards Cardinal Triumph.

Anzu leaves to help Reuben, who then targets CF4 and hits with CHILL TOUCH.

Fah swings his LONGSWORD at Veteran 1, and hits because of Faerie Fire. Kallista screams at him for not stomping on the head of the incapacitated cultist.

He then takes an ACTION SURGE to attack again, wounding but not killing Veteran 1.

Cultist 5 moves over to attach Genevieve. He misses

Cultist 6 runs around in the darkness, and runs right into Genevieve. He attacks and misses.

Klog presses his attack to Veteran 1 but misses despite the advantage of Faerie Fire.

Mr. Umber tries to whale the Cult Fanatic and heavily wounds it, and then applies additional SMITE damage

Chaser continues to hound and miss his target.

Veteran 1 hits Fah with the LONGSWORD but misses with teh SHORT SWORD.

Veteran 2 misses Klog with both attacks.

Cult Fanatic 1 uses the DISENGAGE action to escape from the surrounding Marchguard

Cult Fanatic 2 is incapacitated and makes a WIS save to escape, and rolls a natural 20. He is no longer incapacitated but is still prone.

CF 4 is in the darkness, has a sense of what is happening and tries to move out of the darkness. He stumbles past Reuben into a pond, sloshing water, and provokes an attack of opportunity. Reuben stabs CF4 for heavy damage.

Nud uses CONTEMPT on Cultist 6, pulling him towards him and provoking an attack of opportunity. Sister Genevieve spanks him with the mace.

Kallista targets CF1, who seems to be warming up for a big AoE Spell, with MAGIC MISSILE, cast at 2nd Level, Killing him instantly.

Sister Genevieve moves her Spiritual Mace to swing at the prone CF2, wounding him.
She then swings COMPASSION at Cultist 5 and misses.

Cardinal Triumph continues to struggle with his bonds and failing.

Dray hurls a FIREBOLT at cultist 5, dealing heavy burn damage to him, but not killing him.

Anzu harrasses Veteran 2. Reuben blasts Cultist 5 with an Eldritch Bolt but misses.

Fah assaults Veteran 1 with his LONGSWORD and deals heavy damage to him, but he continues to fight.

Cultist 5 attacks Genevieve with a knife, slashing her and cackling.

Cultist 6 attacks Genevieve, slightly wounding her.

Klog blows a kiss to Veteran 2, then attacks Veteran 1 but misses.

Mr. Umber moves the HEX and his full attention to Cultist 6, killing him.

Chaser moves towards Cultist 5 and sicks his balls. Cultist 5 dies, bleeding from all orifices.

Veteran 1 looks around, getures towards Veteran 2, and surrenders. "Just trying to make a living"
Veteran 2 sheathes his weapons, then surrenders. "I'm just a working man."

CF2 Hisses, "you scum!" He then stands and casts INFLICT WOUNDS on Veteran 1 but misses.
CF4 is still in the darkness, flees the darkness, looks around and heads towards Nud. Nud shouts "bring it!" and dodges an INFLICT WOUNDS.

Nud Damages Cultist 4 with CONTEMPT the Thorn Whip

Kallista asks if we need to keep any of the cultists. Mr. Umber replies we only need the Veteran, so she solves all the cultist problems with a MAGIC MISSILE.

Flanky the Bat gives someone advantage.

Round 6
Sister Genevieve misses with a sacred flame and also misses with the SPIRITUAL MACE while attacking the final Cult Fanatic.

Cardinal Triumph finally frees himself from the manacles, pulls the gag from his mouth and…
Casts SANCTUARY on himself.
He then tries to flee, provoking attacks of opportunity. He is wounded slightly but starts to flee.

Dray fails his save and cannot attack the Cardinal, so flings a Magic Missile at Fanatic 2 and follows the Cardinal, staying adjacent

Reuben moves up next to the Cardinal and attempts to intimidate him, within the magical darkness.

Fah uses TURGID to cut at CF 2, wounding him.

Klog critically hits CF 2, slicing him up and killing him thoroughly.
Veteran 2 sees that, and quickly unbuckles his weapons belts.

Mr. Umber circles around the magical darkness and waits to see if the Cardinal escapes.

Ultimately, the priest realizes he can't get away, and surrenders. The Marchguard is as good as rumors made them out to be.

The two Veterans surrender, and admit that the Cardinal, saying they were on retainer to the Cardinal.
They leave behind their arms and armor and agree to spread the legend of the Purple Pirate Pants and the Marchguard.

Encounter EXP: 482

Next time: the Court of the Margrave


The dark queen of the wood has returned, thirsty for vengeance! Reuben, holder of the head, had a visitation. Nearly slain, she departed with a warning that she would return and the head was to be presented.
The party gatherd to meet the threat. Gathering in the courtyard, they awaited the dryad's attack. The horrific fiend clambered over the wall and attacked. Kallista, with a flash of inspiration, realized the creatures head would need to be destroyed in roder to prevent it from endlessly returning from the grave.
The queen, harried by the party warriors, managed to recover its head, but got no farther before being cut down by magic and sword.
The party then entered a period of rest.


We opened the treasure room onto a statue of an eight armed demoness. In each of it's hands, it held an item of interest: A breastplate, bottle, horn, longsword, chainmail, rod with demonic face, three headed flail, wand of black oak. As we made preparations to enter the room, we were attacked from behind by nothics! The very same creatures we allowed to stay in their torporous state in a different room.
There was a mighty battle. Heavy wounds exchanged on both sides. But in the end, the heroes stood victorious.
We gained the following items:
Breastplate +1 – Umber
Eversmoking Bottle – Dray
Horn of Blasting – Nud
Longsword of Warning – Fah
Mariner's Chainmail – Gen
Rod of the Pact Keeper – Reuben
Vicious Flail – Klog
Wand of Secrets – Kallista

We were then all marked by the Marilith.


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