Urthagar "Dray" Brasso

Brass Dragonman Astronomer Sorcerer Adventurer


Dray stands 7-foot-4-inches tall, with brass scales and a decidedly draconic face. He wears long robes that were once clearly fine, but have now become slightly frayed and faded. He carries a large adventurer’s pack and is often seen with a pair of books in his huge, clawed hands.

He carries a crossbow, several daggers, and one eldritch tome bound in a chain which he uses to beat enemies senseless.


Dray is an astronomer and adventurer who is more interested in the movements of the stars than he is about the politics of his clan and his race’s Matriarchs. He carries an eldritch tome which is bound in chain and written in a language no one can read, and he uses it to hit people.
He does plan on reading it some day, though he has to occasionally deal with assassins because of it.

Urthagar "Dray" Brasso

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