Maude Danton

An extraordinarily agile youngster who looks better fit for the forest than any village.


Twigs woven into her hair and dried mud on her face, Maude looks like a creature primarily of nature, out of place and uncomfortable in towns. Maude in fact did grow up in the forest. Her parents grew suspicious of her unnatural reflexes and grace, so they abandoned her deep in the woods expecting her to be killed. The first few days were dicey, but Maude learned to thrive and became a renowned hunter-gatherer. It is for this reason Maude was “recruited” (blackmailed).

She is a tad twichy, always ready to reach for her bow. This stems from a combination of surviving in the wilds and strange migraine-accompanying visions. Fiddling with small trinkets is soothing. Maude is constantly making these as she has a habit of accidentally breaking them.

With no interest of finding her parents, Maude focuses on protecting nature and implementing survival of the fittest.


Maude Danton

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