Klog Freeman

A hulking person with numerous piercings and a braided beard, always ready to show their prowess.


Whether it’s their multiple instruments of pain and death, pirate swagger, or physique which people find the most intimidating, Klog doesn’t care. Recently asked not so politely to leave The Burning Howl for openly questioning the fairness of Klog’s share, they are looking for opportunities to show captain Colter ‘Phantasm’ Irvine, up.

They have no real dislike for authorities, so long as they aren’t “pufferfish”. In fact, Klog gets along with almost everyone, especially if they show some skill, doesn’t matter what it is in. What they don’t have patience for is complexities. Physical force has always been a good solution. Klog’s ancestors were former slaves, so they have an empathy for orcs and other outsiders.


Klog Freeman

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