Jakha the Sly

He can track anything by scent


Standing 5 foot ten inches and of lean frame compared to his cousins, Jakha wraps himself in furs and leathers, much like his fiercer kin living on the outskirts of Middlemarch. He carries a longbow and a spear he has named Boarsticker images.jpg


Jakha the Sly wandered down the Lee Stream two years ago during lean times from Middlemarch, after hearing tales of the lush forests of the south. Being of smaller stature, but a keener mind than most of his cousins, he had difficulty finding work at first in the March of Duncombe. Soon afterwards though, people realized along with his quick wit, he could smell what others could not over great distances, and he soon found work as a tracker, hunting down criminals at times, and at others hunting down quarry for the criminals themselves. It soon became clear to him that many of the people of Duncombe thought lesser of him, and referred to him as the Sheriff’s dog. He then retreated to the forests for the past few months, and lives off of hunting game, and sometimes helping the more friendly rural folk with their native beast problems. Loathe to reveal his wit, he is quiet, but dreams of a day where he can be valued for his mind and not just his nose and bow.

Jakha the Sly

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