Enoch Bates

A slender scholar seeking hidden knowledge, but wary of danger


Enoch Bates (yes, of THOSE Bates’s) is slight of build, but graceful. It doesn’t look as if he’s ever done any physically demanding work, nor any athletic activity for that matter. In fact, he doesn’t look like he’s ever even been in a hurry.
But he has the stamina to read for more than 18 hours straight, with mind and body remaining focused.

He is incredibly smart, with an excellent memory and a love of learning. He’s also essentially friendly and would be an excellent companion if it weren’t for his awkward nature. (While versed in the norms of social interaction, he has not mastered them, and his conversation often seems formal and forced.)


Enoch spent only a single year at the grueling College of Arcane Arts before fleeing its privations and internal squabbles.
His studies in history, mathematics and wizardry continued at home, aided by a natural curiosity, a well-stocked family library, and an uncle who remains at the College.

Enoch Bates

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