Molten Throne

Session 003

Diwbrog and the Forest Maze

After dispatching Ankhegs, we returned to the Orchard and spent a night resting and recovering.  The next day, we started to search out Frangag, the dryad of the forest who had charmed Mr. Wheat, the lumberjack.  However, Sister Genevieve had misgivings about the intentions of the Mayor with respect to the lumberjack prisoners.

We further tried to get him not to abuse the prisoners, arguing that we could set the issue right.  The Mayor remains unswayed.  We instead agree that Mr. Wheat will be punished, and the others will be pardoned.  With the bloodthirsty Mayor partially thwarted, we headed off for the forest.

The glade should be some 3 hours away, but we'll need to find our way.  Unfortunately, we manage to get lost in the forest.  Mr. Umber, muddled by magic, perhaps, tries to get our bearings, but he's hopelessly lost.  Klog tries, and while unable to get our bearings, does see something large heading this way.

Dray gets his notes put away, muttering about parahelion, and he sees a warty skin covering big muscles on a huge arm.  It's a hill giant!  As we scatter, the thing reaches into the bushes and grabs Fah.  Reuben and others spring to action, trying their best not to upset the otherwise non-violent giant.  Reuben was able to speak with the giant in sylvan, and was trying desperately to keep him calm and not violent, as we threw real and illusory food at the giant.  Reuben, with a bit of help from Sister Genevieve, managed to convince the giant (named Diwbrog) to head off into the woods.  We ran from him, and then rested, feeling lucky that we didn't get smashed by a giant.

[Many of us leveled to level 2.]

After that, we faced several days of wandering around in a magical haze, trying to find the dryad's grove.  Her magics thwarted our efforts to find our way, but we persevered, and John, our new companion, kept us from starving.

Finally, we reached the glade…




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