Molten Throne


Fah works over the elemental. ACTUAL used the Tunnel and Sentinal.
Klog – two hit – kills a Merrow.
Kallista – Sphere of water – to restrain her.
Arabelle – Murders everything in sight – (JFC)
Lyonya (New Guy!!!!) – Double 1's on advantage! Auspicious!
Kallista – lucky – and just never seems to get hurt.
Merrows bolt!

el Fin…

The Poisoned Hind boat: 22 crew
Arabelle: boards and kills Druid in 12 seconds.
Umber: boards and kills a A thugs – one shot.
Fah – cross bows a guy – one shot.

Boat is ours…
1St Mate is Zelea Blundbus. Hold is Empty. Plan was to return their booty to: Fort Crabclaw – on the island in the South. Pirate Port. Those who work the SouthEaster Edge. Gains will be picked up and taken to a secret location – and picker up by a another vessel.



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