Molten Throne



Kallista – C Hudson
Mr. Umber – Bleys
Dray – Wu
Myrddin – Ben (left early)
Sister Genevieve – Jen
Reuben – Finger
Klog – Shaun
Fah – George, arrived late

Party begins in the lair of the late Nothics. They had been here as guardians, and had been breached by the Ankhegs

There is a secret door here that the party is puzzling over

The door itself appears to be mechanical, we push and we slide and there's some kind of magical protection

Kallista unsummons Flanky the Bat and resummons him on the other side of the door.
Kallista's eyes turn white as she experiences Flanky's blindsight. There is an altar with a heat source and a human head like object and four statues o fhollow metal, one in each corner

Dray casts light on Arthurs mustache, then expeditious retreat on himself, and kicks open the door.

The magic runes flare and crackle, and the room beyond illuminates to reveal a green-flaming skull over the altar, and four armored skeletons in each corner.
He dives into the room, casting fire bolt at the skull, and it resists the flame. He continues on to place his back to bronze doors, which bear unusual pictograms.

Kallista examines the situation and keeps to herself

Mr Umber charges into the room and positions himself near Dray, ready to pulverize the skeletons as they attack

Flameskull speaks in an ancient tongue, which no one understands. It sounds like a declaration and then a command, and moves closer to Dray while casting some kind of weird wizardry spell, but it isn't recognizeable

Skeletons move into position to attack.
Skeleton 1 targets Mr. Umber and misses
Skeleton 2 Targets Dray. Mr. Umber waves his shield in the way and prevents a critical, but the skeleton lands a blow. Dray reacts by casting SHIELD and the blade is turned away!
Skeleton 3 hits Mr. Umber and Skeleton 4 misses Dray.

Sister Genevieve charges into the room, wielding Compassion and shouting a prayer to TURN UNDEAD.
Skeleton 1 fails its save
Skeleton 2 fails its save
Skeleton 3 fumbles its save
Skeleton 4 makes its save
Flameskull fails its save

The afflicted undead must spend their turn moving away from her and cannot willingly move within 30 feet of her. They can only dash or try to escape. If they cannot move, they can dodge.
The great success INSPIRES Sister Genevieve!

Genevieve learned in Cleric school that Flameskulls are bound to their own skulls through some magical ritual. They are usually the souls of Evokers. They can cast fireball!
Genevieve shouts a warning, "He may fling a fireball or something!"

Klog wanders into the room, and asks, "which one shouldn't I hit?"

Arthur arrives late as ever, his mustachios aglow, and poses dramatically. attempting to distract the enemies with the glory that is his facial structure

Fah wakes up from whatever narrative nap he was taking and rejoins the action!
He charges into the room and menaces.

Dray reaches out a hand, whispers GZZAAAAACK, and casts shocking grasp on Skeleton 4.

Kallista moves into the room and FLanky takes up position opposite of Skeleton 4

Reuben moves in and casts Chill Touch against Skeleton 4

Mr. Umber swings his sword and slays a skeleton 4

Skeleton 1 shakes being turned and swings at Arthur, wounding him

The rest of hte undead flee, provoking attacks of opportunity, but no significant damage is dealt. Dray misses when he swings the wicked, metal-spiked book.

Sister Genevieve…can't get off of mute…then casts SACRED FLAME, dealing a tiny amount of damage to Skeleton 1

Klog swings his great axe and cleaves Skeleton 1 into two pieces!

Arthur charges into a place where he can be attacked by every villain on the board! He swings his glaive at the Flameskull, with Disadvantage, and misses!

Fah closes in to the southwest corner and can't make it close enough to attack

Dray calls out in a cheerful manner, "Flanky , they're getting away from us!" and lines himself up so that he breathes fire in a line across Skeleton 2 and the Flameskull. The Skeleton takes burns slightly, but the flameskull resists, clearly immune to fire damage

Kallista gives Flanky orders, then summons an illusion of a crossbow, which fires out an arrow that unfurls into a BANG! sign

Reuben Montagu casts CHILL TOUCH against Skeleton 2, dealing heavy damage to it.

Mr. Umber takes advantage of Flanky's distraction to attack Skeleton 2, killing it!

Flameskull remains turned and flees into the corner. Skeelton 3 does similarly

Sister Genevieve casts SACRED FLAME on Skeleton 3, who saves, so there's no effect

Klog cleaves Skeleton 3 and it falls lifeless to the floor of the secret room

Arthur swings and misses at the Flameskull

Fah swings and misses as well

Dray casts True Strike on himself and readies to pierce the skull

Kallista orders Flanky to aid Mr. Umber

Reuben uses HEX on the Flameskull which gives him disadvantage on WIS saves, no saving throw, and then casts CHILL TOUCH, but misses

Mr. Umber declares his next band name to be MYSTIC GUANO
Mr. Umber then swings his longsword and slices deep into the Flameskull
The Flameskull tries to concentration check and FUMBLES! he loses his BLUR spell and becomes clearer to see, but has shaken the TURNED status


a Fireball expands suddenly within the center of the room, hitting everyone except Genevieve and Reuben

Dray resists the fire, being singed.

Arthur, Kallista, and Umber all fall with severe burns, seemingly lifeless

Klog and Fah have heavy burns but still stand.

Sister Genevieve rushes over to Kallista and stabilizes her with a touch. She then uses HEALING WORD to heal Mr. Umber

Mr. Umber sits up, conscious and woozy.

Klog loses his temper at the Flameskull and brings the greataxe down in an overhanded swing, cracking the FLameskull open but not quite destroying it.

Arthur makes his death save and stabilizes!

Fah aims his crossbow and pierces the Flameskull, giving it a bolt-horn, but it still floats there, wreathed in green flame

Fah then uses his SECOND WIND to recover well from the fireball

Dray fires his crossbow over the prone Mr. Umber at the Flameskull, putting the second horn onto the skull

Kallista spends a round recovering

Reuben hurls an ELDRITCH BLAST at the skull and kills it!
The flaming skull falls into Mr. Umber's lap, and dies.

there's a strange hiss, a burst of black smoke, and the skull fizzles out. Klog, still quite angry and hurt, smashes it into splinters

Mr. Umber gives 1 point to Arthur, who wakes up and uses SECOND WIND
Mr. Umber gives Kallista 5 hit points to bring her awake
Mr. Umber gives himself 3 hit points
Kallista examines the altar
Dray examines the bronze doors
Genevieve heals Klog
Reuben Keeps an eye out for ambush
Arthur aids in perception
Klog does general perception while waiting for ambush
Fah aids in perception

Klog sees something weird with the wall south of the Altar. He thinks there's maybe a secret door there.
Kallista looks at the altar and feels less and less that there's a worship vibe. Instead the writing scrawled on it is magical writing. She thinks that it is spellcraft built into the altar.

Dray can tell this is an exceedingly old language, and can't make out much, but in the pictures, the dudes are doing great wizardry such as calling lightning and raising undead, indicating whatever lays beyond the door deals with major wizardry.

Reuben acts shifty and defensive

Dray calls out to Kallista but she is absorbed with the spell in the altar.

Klog starts knocking on the wall with his great axe.

Kallista investigates thoroughly and believes that this releases STASIS. There are no other markings on the door to give a hint of what's beyond it. it looks like the mechanism is locked in a puzzle-like fashion that requires special methods to move it in sequence. The stasis needs to be removed.

Kallista pulls out a piece of parchment and some charcoal and, with Dray's assistance, manages to record a SCROLL OF BLUR off of the altar.

The Party takes a LONG REST to recover hit points, spells and abilities

165 XP base award for everyone (182 for humans, note-taker)
There are four sets of Shields, Swords, and Chainmail as loot.



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