Molten Throne


Eyeballs and Halflings

Returned the sheep to the Patu village – attacked by 2 Ocolus (Fah and Arabelle had their eyes sucked out and put back in again). Intellect devourers joined the fight – - They were fireballed and hacked to death. The Patu were already dead – became intellect devourer. Buried and given rights.
We drive the herd of sheep into KiriKiri.
Victor Arepata – main guy in KiriKiri for and diplomacy or trading.
Adeline Orurewa – Priest of Druid Caste. Doesn't trust The Guard or Dupre. Nud is in love.
Okanox – Dragon Born who will know something about closing the rift. Banished from Tilt by public opinion – sent away interest of the rift and what comes out of them. Relocated to KiriKiri.
Not in town – sometimes he stays are the old Ruins. Ruins is near the RIFT. – 5 miles into the hills for the ancient ruins. Primordials.
Decision: Go to the Ancient Ruin – meet Okanox.



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