Molten Throne


Marilith and Sheep

Miralith – in a circle of protection. Glyphs of Warding. Killed the bitch in 10 seconds. YAWP!!!!

KiriKiri: Up by the Orc March – open portal not closing. Tenticled monsters are arriving and taking people.
Up by the Orcs – after the Dragon killed the king – the ORCS got their own march. They have been pushing out around their boundries – and targetting the hill dwarves. Dupre would like us to check in – and maybe take out the Orc Lord who seems to be pushing the issue.

Wihola to Duncomb – on the road – 2nd day; 4 manticores attack. Seem to be pushed out this far by the Dragon.
Combat: Flying creatures take a LOT of damage when then fall.

At the intersection of the Orc Road and the north road – we meet a group of Patu halflings. They are tense. 3 in the pary. As we approach, they become less tense.
Rhanji Harawana – both Patu names. Invited to join their lunch time fire. Henny – tells the party that the ORCS took their sheep.
Orc Ganzorig challenged Klog – Klog wasted him
Ibhaka – witch – cheated… GOT WRECKED!!!




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