Molten Throne


The March Guard hunts the Night Garm.
Nud acting a lead tracker.
Night Garm is moving North further away from civilization. She has a few hours advantage – Druid can track. She is going somewhere – not just fleeing.
There is a circle ahead – controlled by an Etin Druid. Night Garb is heading for this circle.
Kallista summoned steads – group will cut her off before she gets the Elf Lords and the Etin Druid. Party will charge ahead.
Caught her within a mile of the Etin Grove.
Klog, Nud, Fah, and Umber hit it – and kill it. Never even got a shot off. DAUUUM

Prater Keep:
We found that once the Night Garm died – the False men mentally revert to an animal status.
Prater the Younger befriended Fah – Prater the Elder thinks his son is something Trump would grab. Younger Prater offers to Help Fah find a bride upon his fathers passing.
Orchid Etham – Widow of Elder Minor Noble – who died as a False Man. Deeply in Debt. Dray refused to help them with a debt – they are insulted.

Note: Not all things that come out of the rifts – is extraplaner. Some might be from a similiar plane and can't be banished.

Fah and Klog go to Duncolm to report in – next steps against the Rift and Demons. Margrave Dupre: first go see what going on between the Orcs and Dwarves. Both the Half Orc daughter and the Dwarf strategist: both left quickly about 8 days ago. Authorized to take out agitators if need be to prevent a war and a horse forming.
Kallista is scribing spells. Swaped a create humonculous formula for an Arcane Eye scroll.
Dray checks on his shop – not enough inventory to open a second shop. Will need to invest heavily in the shop to expand.
Nud – ejected more squirels from his land.
NOTE:The Following was changed to have occurred prior to the return to Waihola.
DAY 1 on the road to the ORC / Dwarf border.
Wagon on the road: broken wagon wheel.
5 bearded devils. Can poison and cause bleeding. Pains tin the ass.
Nud summons 2 bears. We were constantly bleeding and being poisoned. F!!!!



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